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Okay, this is NOT Mattel’s DC figures!  I got it this time, I promise!

So, from their Panel, we’ve got some news!

-The 50th Batman Black & White statue is going to come out.  And wow!  I never would have thought it could last that long!  Is there somebody out there who’s got each one?

-Speaking of statues, they have a lot coming up.  Greg Capullo Batman & The Joker, Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, and all sorts of other stuff.

-Now, as far as figures go?  As I said, there’s stuff for Arrow.

-SCRIBBLENAUTS figures!  Bahahahahaha!

-Okay, Scribblenauts fever is going down.  Suicide Squad is getting figures, including Juggalo-Harley Quinn.

-And just like Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Arkham origins will get toys.  Doesn’t make me any more optimistic about a game that involves none of the staff of the two good installments.



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  1. Kenneth

    And let's not forget the Designer Series Greg Capullo Batman, Nightwing and Talon. They've got the super-articulation of the recent Arkham City Batman, but refined.

    Those things have me absurdly excited. We might just be getting THE 6-inch scale Batman.

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