Four Horsemen’s Raven Kickstarter to Begin Friday at 12am


The Four Horsemen’s long-awaited Kickstarter for the Gothitropolis Raven will begin this Friday at 12am. Obviously I’m on board with this project, what with my name and all. (I only wish we could get a variant head with a pair of red goggles on.)

Details after the jump.

We’ve been a little quiet about our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for the Gothitropolis Ravens figures recently, and that’s because we’ve been wrapping up the final details on the project and awaiting the final approvals from Kickstarter.

Well, our project was just given the green light by Kickstarter this morning and we’ll be launching the Gothitropolis Ravens Kickstarter campaign at 12:00am EST this coming Friday, July 12th (midnight Thursday night) and it’ll end on Tuesday, August 13th 2013! That’s 32 total days total to get in there, check out all of the various pledge levels & “stretch goals” and place your orders for what will quite possibly be the coolest line of action figures to come out in 2014.

Since this campaign will be running during the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, we’ll have all of the Ravens 2-up prototypes on display at our booth so you can drop by and check out the beautiful sculpting, the amazing paint applications and the incredible amount of detail each of these figures possesses. Also, you’ll notice in our campaign that there’s one mystery “stretch goal” figure listed that’s never been seen. What could this strange and mysterious creature be? Well that’s one mystery that we won’t be revealing at Comic Con, but he will be revealed soon after, so you’ll want to keep checking back to our Kickstarter page and to to find out what could be lurking behind that shadowy silhouette.

Speaking of “stretch goals”, we’ve added a couple of FANtastic “stretch goals” and an awesome “battle pack” that fans are really going to love. We’re not going to reveal what they are here, but they’re all fan requested and fan inspired items that are really going to make this project a lot more fun. There are also other really fun items to get besides just figures such as stickers, prints, t-shirts, 2-up busts and prototypes, plus an awesome “Ultimate Backer” package that not only includes a full set of the Raven action figures, but also a paid trip to Four Horsemen Studios and your very own fully painted Raven 2-up prototype with it’s very own Horsemen customized display cage!!

So be sure to check out our new Gothitropolis Ravens Kickstarter campaign, and keep checking back to both our Kickstarter page and for all of the details and announcements!



Yes, video reviews.


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  1. dayraven

    man, i'm beyond happy that these are finally up, and my kid's are intrigued and trying to scheme how to raise the scratch for their own figs. clearly the horsemen did something right, because of course, there's no media to get my kids hooked on here. the sweetest thing is, last month, my wife found a suitably sized and styled cage on clearance and snagged me one in anticipation of the raven's eventual arrival.

  2. clark

    Unfortunately the Owl is a stretch goal. I am still very tempted to get one of the $90 sets so I get that screaming Raven head and either a Vulture or Cardinal (can't decide which one I like more).

  3. strongest mustache

    these things are great. i'd love a whole set but… will depend on price

  4. AmericanHyena

    If I could still get the black ram Scarabus I'd be a lot more inclined to pick up the basic Raven (I've been hosed twice trying to buy one from private buyers– one tried to switch me to the red goat at the last second and one I just never received). I sold off almost all of my 7th Kingdom Stuff (save the blue kitty who i never opened) and while the Raven is a damn cool figure, I would want someone to pose him with. (I don't really feel like the basic Scarabus fits him all that well).

  5. Supahman

    I’m plannignt o get the whole set.. Lessee.. dpends on the price. 🙂

  6. ridureyu

    Depending on price, I'm going for Couatl, then Duck, and then either Phoenix or Raven.

    So probably just Couatl or maybe Duck.

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