Mattypalooza Panel: MOTUC Plundor Revealed



Sweet Holy Moses, they’re making the bunny rabbit.


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  2. ridureyu

    I will say it again: It's all right to complain, but it's not all right to do so in such a way that nobody would listen. The He-Man fandom has incorrectly divided itself into "Mattel Apologists," to whom the company can do no wrong, and "haters," to whom the company can do no right. Both sides are dead wrong. The correct thing to do is to praise Mattel for what it does right, and maturely criticize what it does wrong.

  3. Dark Angel

    To be completely fair, the "core characters" thing applies to the 2014 subscription and beyond. However, having this joke character foisted on us at all just because a handful of dips on want him is just infuriating and insulting…

    • Harrig

      I know, but good grief, there must have been plenty of time in the year to work out that this is prime for backlash – this would be perfect as a convention figure or even SDCC figure, but as a regular sub figure it is pretty weak.

      That said, Two-bad and Horde troopers… not to mention a couple of the other reveals are very welcome!

    • Dark Angel

      Nietlich seems completely impervious to sense, reason and criticism. The fanboy/apologist echo chamber will drown out the naysayers, it always does…

    • ridureyu

      That might be a bit of an exaggeration. Unless you have a beef with Two-Bad, Modulok, Glimmer, Horde Troopers, and the rest…

    • Harrig

      I wouldn't want his job to be honest, but come on! The rabbit takes the p1$$ – isn't someone asking for translucent Star sisters? – if they ask loudly and rudely enough, should they be made?

      Two-bad looks great, and I love the Horde troopers too, so I know there is a balance, but with the reveal of nepwotsit and the rabbit I can't help thinking there are still too many missed opportunities even at this late stage.

    • ridureyu

      Nepthu is probably getting made because his episode was featured on X-Entertainment years ago, so he's sort of stuck in people's minds. I don't think we're getting translucent Star Sisters, though. it'd take a lot of people clamoring.

      Plundor? Clearly the last artifact of the old road map, which had been designed with the line lasting till what, 2018-2020? Notice how everything we're getting for 2014 on up shows a deliberate move to please as many fans as quickly as possible.

      It's just… if you want your complaints to be heard, especially considering how crazy-toxic the MOTU fandom is so much of the time, you have to stay away from hyperbole like "He is impervious to sense and reason!" or "There's a conspiracy to kill the line!" or "I hate everything Mattel ever does, and I'll punch Scott if I see him!" Know what I mean? When people phrase their complaints, criticisms, and requests in a mature manner, they are far, far more likely to be heard.

    • Dark Angel

      And if you want to engage in a respectful conversation, you don't purposely misquote someone and call it an example of hyperbole.

      Let me try to make this clear: The same man who flogged last year's subscriptions for all they were worth, who told the fandom the line would effectively and immediately be shut down if it did not reach a goal he couldn't even define, just told all those who poneyed up for that sub that their penultimate subscription figure for 2013 is a pink bunny. Oh, and the subscription exclusive for next year is a "secret". So get those credit cards out for 2014!

      Now, tell me: Is that a reasonable course of action? Think hard before you answer.

    • ridureyu

      Well, first I would say that you shouldn't say "He's immune to sense or reason" if you don't want people pointing it out. Then I would point out that when someone says, "we can complain, but should do so maturely," the proper response is not to get angry. Then I would counter your question with this:

      Do you really think that one pink bunny and Nepthu (who has supporters) outweighs Seahawk Two-Bad, Modulok, Glimmer, Strong-Arm, Scorpia, Goat Man, Horde Troopers, and the other heavily-requested characters coming? Especially considering that most of those were put on the fast track into production because the brand manager has indeed listened to fans, and wants to produce those figures before it's too late? Think hard before you answer.

    • Dark Angel

      You mean those figures that should have been released ages ago, long before all these prototypes, model kit characters, and pink bunnies…?

    • ridureyu

      But then the line would have been dead years ago, long before a lot of the current fan-favorites would have gotten made.

  4. Harrig

    Wow… "core characters only from now on"…

  5. Dark Angel


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