MOTUC Nepthu leaked?

So, a new MOTUC figure called “Nepthu” was leaked to eBay somehow. The consensus seems to be that he’s legit. He’s a Filmation character, so presumably he’s part of that sub. Here’s the eBay auction, for however long it lasts. Looks like the Hong Kong factory sellers strike again.

We have definitely entered the period in MOTUC where my first response to 50% of the reveals is, “Who?”


SDCC 2013 begins tonight!


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  1. clark

    No kidding, sexy chicks. Why would you get your news anywhere else? Thanks for joining the conversation, spambots always have the most intriguing opinions and a lot of good talking points.

  2. Dark Angel

    Not just a rumor – some guy who was dogging little Scotty online described this figure pretty much exactly. Check it:
    Either someone is going to a lot of trouble to harass Nietlich/Mattel, or its legit. And if it is legit, its pretty much infuriating that resources are going into this kind of garbage when we are still lacking major players from POP, NA and the 200X series.

  3. ridureyu

    There was a rumor last week that the FIlmation Sub's two remaining slots would be Nepthu and Plundor.

    Plundor… the pink bunny…

  4. Bigbot

    Wow, that figure looks boring as heck, and I can't even tell it's by the 4H. It looks like a custom someone put together.

  5. It seems like a perfectly neat figure, we are just very much into the more obscure characters at this point.

  6. clark

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Nepthu rules!!!! I can't believe that we're actually, Finally getting Nepthu in all the articulated plastic goodenss that he deserves. I am 32 years old as of last week, and I can honestly say that I will die happy as long as I get to hold one of these figures at least once.

    sarcasm mode ended: Nepthu…who?

  7. dayraven

    that's funny, when i saw your link, that's exactly what i thought "who?"

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