NECA working on Pacific Rim Series 3, Cherno Alpha to be part of it


It’s been clear for a while now that if NECA gets to a Series 3 of Pacific Rim, Cherno Alpha (my personal favorite Jaeger, and that of many others) will be a part of it.

Here’s the first bit of good news:

And then this one:

That said, working on Series 3 is not the same as saying it’s definitely happening. If Series 2’s sales suck (I don’t see that happening, but you never know, I guess), Series 3 might not make it to stores. So make sure you pre-order Series 2 (preferably via one of these fine retailers). Sadly, it seems Otachi is not slated for Series 3:

If I had to bet, I would go with Trespasser/Axehead as the kaiju for Series 3, since they could reuse parts of Knifehead (which is a bit disappointing, since Knifehead is so obviously undersized – unless they took the opportunity to make a brand-new, properly scaled Scunner and then reuse the body for a new Knifehead later).

So here’s my guess for the Series 3 lineup:

It’s interesting that, somewhat similar to the Ultraman Ultra-Act line in Japan, the heroes/robots are evidently selling better than the kaiju. Gipsy Danger goes for the highest prices on eBay right now.

And finally, if you missed out on the first series of NECA’s PR figures and are considering blowing $50+ on eBay, hold off a bit longer and keep an eye on NECA’s eBay store:


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  1. Tabby

    So happy if they make series 3! I lucked out and got both series 1 and series 2.

  2. Mike

    Ideal Series 3:
    Cherno Alpha

    I dont even care if Otachi and Slattern cost more because they require more plastic; they are the only two additional kaijus worth owning. I mean, who wants Trespasser? Hes a cool first kaiju, but he is too similar to knifehead to be worth investing $25 on, especially for the last series. And Coyote Tango? Who cares! He is a more boring Gypsy Danger. These two would make for a really lame series 3, a level of lameness even Cherno Alpha could not compensate for.

    And seriously, who doesn't want an Otachi besides their Leatherback? I mean, their duo-rampage was the climax of the movie! And Slattern's large size may require him to be an more expensive "deluxe" figure, but his size should also create more potential for articulation. He could be the ultimate kaiju figure (figure wise)!! And people will by him, especially if the tails and appendages were articulated properly.

    NECA, I am a marketing researcher. If you want proof for who should be in series 3, just look here :

    See the polls along the right side? Top 3 characters (who are not yet scheduled to be figures): Cherno Alpha, Otachi, and Slattern.

    NECA, you'd be making a poor investment if you did not give the fans what they want!!!

  3. yup, after seeing the movie, i want them all….

  4. Lovable-Bill

    I hope they do well. Cherno Alpha is my #1 want.

  5. dayraven

    man, i must say, especially after seeing the movie, i was disappointed by the figs. they are just below NECA's usual great execution, and the jaeger's in the film have so much more personality than the figural translations do. i'm kind of amazed there's enough interest in the toys to justify a third set.

    • Kenneth

      I'm curious; what's your primary issue with em? Is it a sculpting thing, or an articulation thing? Paint?

      I wasn't too happy with em myself at first, but I started messing with the joints on Gipsy, chopping off some plastic, and I think I got him to move around quite a bit more.

      Overall, I don't think they're horrible figures. They're in no way as awesome as a movie like Pacific Rim demands, but it'll do.

      Interest seems pretty strong where I am. They all sell out within a day of stocking. I think it has to do with the fact that there really isn't anywhere else for people to funnel their PacRim love into.

    • I totally understand where you're coming from on the quality of the first series, and I think my reviews reflect that.

      However, first off, I loved the movie enough to want the toys anyway. Not having them would have bothered me.

      Second, I think the reason these were somewhat subpar is because NECA was being careful after what happened with Prometheus. PR was another untested license and there was, frankly, even less reason to think the toys would be a hit since there was no connection to an established franchise like Alien (however tenuous that connection may have proved to be). So NECA didn't invest in super-articulation for this first series. The second series already appears to have more – did you notice that Leatherback's individual fingers are articulated?

      Finally, as you well know, NECA's stuff always improves as long as it's popular. By buying and supporting the toys now, I know there's a good chance I'll get improved versions, with better articulation and more paint apps, later on. (Josh Bernard of CollectionDX made this exact same argument a few weeks back on the CDX podcast – he said he knew by buying these now, NECA might make better versions later, then he could sell off the first series at a yard sale or something).

      Honestly, I'm a little surprised you're not seeing the logic here. The reason the toys are popular is because the movie is (among geeks, at least, who are the segment most likely to buy toys). In fact, their popularity actually gives me hope that the third series and more will do well, because while you're right that the toys are subpar, the fact that they're selling so well means casual fans (who care way less about articulation and paint apps) are buying them, not just diehard collectors.

      I was actually thinking about this the other day. Star Wars is massively popular, of course, but there's only a very small segment of "people who like Star Wars" that crosses over with "people who buy Star Wars action figures." However, I think the proportion of fans who buy action figures of any given geek property tends to be a rather stable number, while the "people who like property X" might be smaller.

      So my point being, while PR may not have proven to be a huge hit at the box office, the number of fans who want action figures may still be comparable to another big geek property (not SW, obviously, since that's huge, but maybe, say, Robocop – and clearly Robocop can support a few figures and an ED-209 for NECA).

  6. going to see this in a couple hours. i have been on the fence about the figures so far… if i love the movie, i'm sure i will cave and get them all.

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