SDCC 2013 begins tonight!

As you can see, we’ve added a banner (by Mecha-Shiva) above so that you can follow all our SDCC coverage this year. Just click on the banner to see all our material that’s tagged for SDCC.

I’m actually on vacation starting tomorrow through Sunday, so for the duration of SDCC I’m hanging the reigns over to SDCC contributor Ridureyu! I ask you to give him all the respect you would give me–no wait, please be nicer to him than you would me, he seems like a good enough fellow.

I’ve asked Ridureyu to do write-ups on all the common lines (MOTUC, S.H.MonsterArts, Star Wars Black, DCUC, and so forth). I’ve also told him to go ahead and talk about any lines that interest him personally.

If there’s anything you’d like updates about, just mention it below and maybe he’ll look into it for you.

In addition, Rustin Parr will be doing an interview with Hasbro’s Star Wars team, so if you have any questions, please submit them below.

I have a few posts already set to go, so those will appear alongside Ridureyu’s coverage. And I may throw up a new post or two if there’s something I can’t resist commenting on, but for now, I leave you in Ridureyu’s capable hands.


SHMA AVP (update: confirmed)


MOTUC Nepthu leaked?


  1. Adam Ford

    Hey rideryu- if you can give us some power lords coverage as well that’d be amazing. Cheers.

  2. ridureyu

    Me? Nice?

    Welllllllllll… my birthday's coming up this Saturday, so I'll take all the niceness I can get!

  3. dayraven

    leaving on comic con weekend… for shame! bad geek, no biscuit!

  4. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    There was an accidental MOTUC Reveal through an ebay auction. The Figure is Nepthu and he comes with the Crystal Zoar and his ankh. Search ebay for MOTUC Nepthu.

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