SDCC: A Whole Buncha Star Wars Updates

Well, I mentioned these earlier, but now I’ve got images!  Look for them after the break.


BS6 Han Solo BS6 Leia

Starting off with the Black set, here are official production photos of Han Solo and Slave Leia.  They look pretty  for 6″ figures, and Leia’s articulation is painfully visible – but she does have double-jointed knees!  You can pretend that she’s wearing knee pads, or something.

BS3 Mara JadeBS3 Pablo Jill02

On the 3 3/4″ side, we have Star Wars Black Mara Jade and Pablo Jill!  They look the same as all previous figures in this scale.  Now, I know, it seems bad that they are gonna be at a premium, but compare it to these “regular” and “legends” 3 3/4″ figures….

SL Captain Rex MS Darth Maul

Hey, Hasbro – for future reference, the figure should not disappear into a plain background. Y’know?  Wow.  But anyway, look at Dart Maul.  Imagine how awesome he would have been in 1982.

ABSW Telepods Death Star Trench Run w figs
And on the whimsical side of things… I love these.  I know they’re not real “toys,” but I love them.  I really do.


Gothitropolis Ravens Update: The Screaming Eagle!


The Return of MUSCLE?


  1. I'm really sorry but I really don't like that Maul. Looks like mutant of Han Solo and current Maul

  2. _RZ_

    Mara Jade looks pretty cool, and has been requested by some for at least 5 years. Star Wars 3.75" seems to be re-releases of the more difficult to find figures of the past two years, as well as the less articulated figures aimed at the younger set. Totally cool with that. Rather have the re-releases as for some collectors, they were impossible to find online or retail for less than three times (or more) the regular price.

  3. Dude

    Mara Jade looks a little like Dave Mustaine.

    • Bigbot

      Wow… you’re right.

      I really don’t like soft goods on my figures, but I know that’s a thing Star Wars figures usually have. Guess that’s a little money I can save for myself from the 6″ line.

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