SDCC Armchair Coverage: …Jonesy?

Well, it looks like we’re getting more than just an Aliens Line coming up…


Jones the cat (the only real survivor of the Alien movies) is going to be part of Alien‘s 35th Anniversary figure collection.  Does this mean that Sigourney Weaver’s signed off the rights to her image?  Are we going to get that Ripley figure we’ve always wanted?


We’re probably not getting this diorama, but I think it’s a good hint that there’s at least one more round of Dutch and the Jungle Hunter left.  Final battle, maybe?

And oh, yeah, this is almost certainly going to come with Albino or another Dead End Predator.  Nice prop, too.


NECA Predator Skull Pack now available on Amazon


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  1. SubsonicJoint

    Can any of you give me that cat? I'm not really a predator fan but I needs me that cat….only one I've seen that's respectable.

  2. Monte

    I want that jungle dio, except I want it expanded to fill an entire bedroom.

    • Kinky!

      I think Jones the cat is going to prove to be a terrible swerve, and will just be a pack-in with the original Alien.

  3. Jon

    That should be the yellow helmet "Wasp" from Dead End. There are some BTS pictures from the film of his stave with the Alien head on it.

    • ridureyu

      A while ago, they said that Albino would come with "not a skull, but something skull-related." I assume that it's this.

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