SDCC: Better NECA Photos, Gothitropolis Ravens

First off, I wanna thank everybody who’s helped me here by pointing out things I’ve missed or gotten wrong.  You’re lifesavers!

Anyway, it’s not precisely SDCC news, but the Four Horsemen have clearly brought their Ravens to the con, if you want another look at them.  If you like the birds, go and back them on Kickstarter – as of right now, it’s about $1,000 away from the owl.


Yes indeedy, those WERE DC Collectibles figures that I misidentified as Mattel.  So here, have some New 52 Harley Quinn.  Is it just me, or does she kind of look like a juggalo lately?


So, Icon Heroes is now doing their “Can’t afford Castle Grayskull?  Well, ours is half the size, half the price!”  And Snake Mountain.  See?  It’s a really nice idea, especially if your budget allows for $100 playsets instead of $300 ones.


Since we’ve now got some better-quality galleries (seriously, do TNI’s people know how to hold a camera?), I can now comment on NECA’s stuff a little better!

Holy wow, that IS the “Lost Predator” with more cyborg gear!  And Lost was my favorite of the tribe, so… well!  I like the idea.  See, Lost’s armor was originally scavenged from a low-budget Terminator knockoff that Stan Winston had worked on, so it’s interesting to see how NECA develops it into its own thing.

I do find it interesting that they’ve extended the line with more filler before reaching the promised AvP figures, but I assume it’s because they’re working on those guys.  Will they have a newer, bigger body type? Though there’s one thing I want to mention – NECA, if you ever revisit the Tracker Predator (say, for a cloaked variant), please make those tusks out of flexible rubber that will not snap to pieces in the package.  THANK YOU.


Oh yeah, and NECA is now making super-deformed Marshmallowey Star Trek characters done in the style of the Mexican Day of the Dead.  It’s like Kirk had a baby with Coraline’s Other Mother.

Now you, too, can have your creepy, eyeless Kirk!  he wants your soul.

Anyway, here’s hoping there’ll be stuff from Tamashii Nations soon!


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  1. FakeEyes22

    You know what’s odd? Finally broke down and bought a Tracker Predator recently after hesitating due to all the broken ones I’ve seen. His tucks are pretty pliable and not broken. Maybe some out there are fine? I dunno. It was crazy seeing so many with tusks rattling around in the bubble.

  2. Bigbot

    I resisted the urge to get any of the Lost tribe since they had such a small role in Predator 2. However, I'll have to make an exception for this figure.

    • ridureyu

      You're missing out! Lost has some of the best paint of 2012, Warrior is a great shade of blue, Guardian is based on concept art, and Shaman is one of the best figures made in the line, still.

  3. clark

    Dang, I didn't realize that was the Lost Predator with the rest of his armor. I just thought he was an awesome looking figure. Either way I was going to get him, but Lost was also my favorite from that whole tribe, and Neca fleshed out the rest of his armor in an incredibly cool (even if it does remind me of the figures).

    • clark

      Hmmm, something happened with my link. Oh well, it reminds me of Bionicle Toa Hordika. That's all, just an observation, not a criticism.

  4. Misterbigbo

    Thanks for doing these updates Ridureyu, they’re great!

    I have the feeling that if the FHM made 200 Ravens variants that unlocked every four hours, I’d hafta sell my house. Keeping up with the Kickstarter and constantly updating my pledge is so completely addicting. Totally unnecessary, yet impossible to resist. Just like the Scarabi, these guys are geniuses for color variations and design.

    • I had to remind myself of my budget this year and made some difficult decisions , ravens-wise.

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