SDCC News: Tamashii, McFarlane, and Hobbits

Good morning!


No new MonsterArts yet, unless you count the Alien and Predator that’ve been leaked (Is there any company not doing those yet?).  But as you can see, they have previewed their next Figuarts Dragon Ball figures – the androids!  You know, instead of going with Cell or Buu or another of Frieza’s forms… we get a pair of unassuming teens.  Well, Krillin for the Win, anyway.  You can see more at CollectionDX.


From the WETA side of things, it looks like we’re still getting more Hobbit figures!  Plenty of dwarves, including an incredibly limber-looking Bombur, and Radagast!

Now, bear with me here.  Radagast the Brown was in the Lord of the Rings books, but not the movies.  He’s in the Hobbit movie, and the staff he holds is the same as the one Gandalf uses in the LOTR films.  And there is no Radagast in the LOTR films.  I think this might not bode very well four our favorite little bunny-tamer…


Hey, remember when McFarlane was groundbreaking and changed the toy industry?  Yeah, I miss those days.  You know, in a few years, NECA might end up the same way.  In a few more years, even Hot Toys could go down that route…

What a happy note to end on!


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  1. muldertp

    Any info on who is selling the Hobbit figures? Bbts cancelled my order yesterday because they became exclusive to some unknown online retailer.

    • muldertp

      Never mind. Bridge Direct just wrote me back and said all Hobbit figures will be TRU exclusives.

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