The reveals and previews keep coming!  Well, of course, I doubt that anybody showed off everything they have on Preview Night.  But let’s take a look at some other companies, shall we?


Over at Square-Enix’s booth, they’re showing off some figures from Final Fantasy XV (or Versus XIII), and some other upcoming Final F… wait, is that Batman?

That’s totally Batman.

Go check out the rest HERE


Meanwhile, the Four Horsemen are tantalizing us with prototypes of Power Lords HERE.  This whole thing just makes me hungrier for a new Arkus.  I had an Arkus when I was a kid, and it broke pretty quickly, but I kept playing with the one-handed, footless, headless mangled alien corpse.  Those things were too fragile.


 Toynewsi seems to have mixed up their Hot Toys and Sideshow photos, so I’ll just summarize them:  You are never going to be able to afford these awesome things.  Neither will I, though I guess I could try to angle a birthday…naw.  But seriously, wow.  They are works of art. Look at the rest of the photos HERE, and marvel at the high-end toy bubble that exists right now.