SDCC: Preview Night Roundup (MOTUC, DCU, NECA)

Well, this is probably going to be the last update tonight, and it’ll stand until more companies release more new things.  But we’ve already gleaned a lot!  So let’s start at the top:

First up, Mattel’s hidden Loo-Kee in their booth as part of a contest for a free MOTUC subscription.  I fully expect insane crowds to tear the place apart in a frenzy not seen since rampaging Visigoths sacked Rome.  But anyway, the rest of the news (pretty much all from toynewsi) is after the cut…


Remember how Mattel kept saying that they are never, ever, ever going to make another vehicle after the poor-selling Wind Raider?  Turns out that they didn’t really mean it.   We’re getting the Sky Sled, and… help me here, I’m a He-Fan, but I don’t recognize that dude in the pic.  The old guy in red. (Edit) His name is Geldor, and apparently he’s fan-requested.  This means nothing to me.


Also, Castle Grayskull gets its best mockup yet, though it’s still not the final version!  Yeah, this is really frustrating, but I get the feeling that they actually wanted the final version here.  Still, nice to see that the jaw bridge has indeed been lowered.


For the full MOTUC gallery as it stands, look HERE


On the DC Universe side of things… Deadshot!


And that newfangled Arrow TV show is finally getting some plastic attention.  I’m impressed – I expected Mattel to only get around to it a year or two after the show gets cancelled.

For the rest, look HERE



And now with NECA, who hasn’t just spoiled stuff – they’ve gone CRAZY!  For the Predators, we have Tie-Dye Dutch (Heat Vision), Wasp from Dead End (!!!!), and a cyborg Predator I honestly don’t recognize, but he looks SO COOL that I feel like a little kid.  LITTLE KID.  Seriously, I’d bounce up and down in my seat, but I don’t want to break the couch, and there is a sleeping cat nearby.


And here are the new Gremlins – the She-Gremlin (like we ever doubted that), the Warner Brothers Gremlin, the Tommygun guy, and a melting Gremlin which will look great on your shelf next to that McFarlane Humpty Dumpty.


Oh hey, it’s Diablo 3’s She-Diablo!  I’ve gotta say, this one took me by surprise.  Okay, I know Diablo isn’t female, but the body he used to resurrect himself in Diablo III came from a woman, so it has a few… features.  Poor, confused Lord of Terror.


Pacific Rim Series 2 will hopefully be less disappointing than Series 1.  That kaiju sure looks big.


And with the Aliens, it doesn’t look like anything we haven’t already seeeeeee…WOAH!  Face Hugger!  Is that a bendy?

For the full (current) NECA gallery, look HERE


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Pic of the Day > The Corps by fengschwing



    The 'Cyborg Predator' you're referring to is actually the 'Lost' Predator we got in series 6 but with his helmet and extra parts. Very cool!

  2. Bigbot

    Those are DC Collectibles figures, not Mattel if I'm not mistaken. It seems they're upping their game as most of those figures appear to have more than just a T-crotch.

  3. ero

    Geldor was the winner of the fan vote last year. He's from the mini-comic "The Secret Liquid of Life."

    The pilot coming with the sky sled is the one that appears in one of those posters that you highlighted a few years ago.

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