Tamashii Nations creating some badass effects parts for your figures

Tamashii Nations, Bandai’s collector-focused brand responsible for such lines as S.H.Figuarts, S.H.MonsterArts, Super Robot Chogokin and the like, have revealed some very cool effects parts for their action figure lines. These are designed for the 6″ S.H.Figuarts line, but obviously they can work with a lot of lines in that scale. There are four items:



A “crater” effect for that common anime trope where a powerful character crashes into the ground. It splits into two parts, a smaller crater and a larger one. That Kamen Rider guy is rocking the Red Iron in the center there.


A series of flame effects that would be perfect for many, many action figures.


My personal favorite, some explosion effects. I’m already plotting what to do with these with S.H.MonsterArts…


And finally, while not really an “effect,” some stairs for display purposes.

The sets will range from between $15 to $30. I suspect these sets will be appeal to a broad range of collectors, so I hope Bluefin will import them to the U.S. Bluefin is pretty strong on S.H.Figuarts and there can’t be any licensing issues here, so it’s a pretty safe bet.


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  1. dayraven

    you know what's beyond dumb? of those, i like the stairs the best. something about elegant simplicity…

    that said, they all look cool. i actually think the explosion effects are my least favorite, as i dread turning my toy shelves into bad tokusatsu sets… on the other hand, if at some point, they were to offer me a finger wagging sazer gordo bad drop piece, i'd be 'bout it 'bout it. but the flame effects, and the explosive crater effects, those i could see coming in handy for a huge variety of figs

  2. TerminusTypeR

    This is awesome. Absolutely awesome. I like the explosions and craters best. If only those stairs had little holes for tamashii stage arms though. I don't know that I'd want to bother with them without a way to directly anchor the toy onto the steps.

  3. Mysterious Stranger

    Those explosions will look really cool with the Bandai Chogokin Megazord. Hopefully these will be on display at SDCC this week.

  4. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    Crater + Yamcha figure… Hmmm!

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