TMNT News From Last Night’s Panel


Well, now that Mattel’s shown off its stuff, let’s have a look at the Playmates panel!

-To start with, Bebop and Rocksteady are coming some time in the Fall.  Probably Winter, but they haven’t been cancelled!

-And Series 3 of the Classics?  Movie turtles.  Not Shredder, Splinter, or anybody else.  Turtle variants.  Well, at least we got Rocksteady.

-And after that tidbit, it turns out that we’re also going to see 4″ Classics Turtles, and THESE ones will include Shredder!  I guess he could ride on normal-size Leonardo’s shoulder, or something.

-And okay, okay, they’re promising Shredder and Splinter… by the end of the year.  Probably.  Maybe.


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  1. ridureyu

    The original toys were 5" – so these would be in scale with Star Wars and whatnot.

  2. ferris

    One good thing about this endless wait is that the Bebop and Rocksteady figures have grown on me a bit, but I still wish the sculpts were just based entirely on the cartoon. I also wish that they were coming out with a Shredder, Splinter and April first.

    I'll happily buy a set of movie Turtles though, so I guess I'm part of the problem.

    The 4" line sounds like it's just a remake of the original toys, and didn't Playmates already do that a year or two back?

    • Mark

      The reissue line they did a couple years ago only had a limited release mainly in the US, hopefully this time it will be international….I would gladly but lots of the reissue figures.

  3. shindanrod

    well… its a "thundercats classics" kind of vibe on the air???

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