Transformers Panel Reveals

A little bird gave me this info. Okay, a raven. A ghostly raven. The type of raven that Edgar Allen Poe would write about, only Ghostly in all details.

So here are a few little leaks:


New items from the Thrilling 30, including… GRIMLOCK! you know, my sister always loved Grimlock. Whenever we played as kids, she was Grimlock. Even when a bunch of us neighborhood kids were on the swings, she was Grimlock. Maybe I should get her one.

Weaponizers Talking Bumblebee

Transformers Weaponizers Bumblebee – the first talking Bumblebee from Transformers Prime!  So… how many talking Bumblebees are there?  And does he talk, or does he communicate with Sam using only trendy sound clips?

Fan Built Bot

Aaaaaaand… The winner of the Fan-Built Bot contest: a black and red female Autobot jet named Windblade!  And they say nobody wants girl action figures.  Wait, how can a robot be female?  I mean, aside from identity-programming in the AI, it’s not as if… as if they… they… I am so not going there.



The End Of Marvel Legends?


Pic of the Day > Octavia by rodstoybox


  1. AFOS

    I actually voted for a female Autobot jet, but I wanted her to be named Cashtron.

  2. Agent 86

    When are they going to release a Masterpiece Arcee based on her original animated TV series design? That's a female Transformer that I want to add to my collection!

  3. I always thought that the hardcore fans wanted more female figures, but the general public didn't buy 'em. Sort of like how Cover Girl won a fan vote from Hasbro towards the tail end of the V2 era.

    • TerminusTypeR

      To be fair, I don't really think there's been THAT many figures of female Transformers. And a fair few of those (ex, original BW Blackarachnia and Prime Airachnid) were pretty terrible or inaccurate. Or shortpacked. I don't know about previous female characters, but I know Airachnid wasn't too plentiful. Not that it was worth picking up because poor engineering…but still. I dunno. I think female Transformers could sell if the toys were actually good looking (like, not in an attractive manner, but like, just as well designed as their male counterparts) or decently engineered. But hey, who knows.

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