Tyrannosaurus ReX-mas


I picked this guy up at a dollar store while on vacation in NH last week. He was in a bin with a bunch of these and other dinosaurs in different colors, but he won me over with his Christmassy look. He’s only about 3″ tall, but he was also just 89¢.


Pic of the Day > Hulk vs. Avengers by SnowHulk


Pic of the Day > Figma Ayase Aragaki by triggerfinger_lie


  1. Heh, the other day I grabbed a bag of 25 plastic dinosaurs for a dollar! A DOLLAR! Sure, they're neon colored but they just looked too cool to pass up.

  2. strongest mustache

    my favorite part is the very alarmed expression it appears to be making

  3. Thommy/Uki

    What you need is seven more, to pull the sleigh.

    • ridureyu

      And then we'll have a very, very Merry Christmas!

  4. Harrig

    you should make him a little hat

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