Will all-CGI films age well?

Intriguing question: should older CGI movies like Toy Story be remade with higher-res graphics, as some videogames have done recently? The example I’m thinking of is Halo Anniversary Edition, but also the recent hi-res editions of the first two Monkey Island games. Will kids ten to twenty years from now look at the original Toy Story and be unimpressed? Or will the cartoonish style retain its charm?

I have to say, I don’t think it would hurt The Polar Express to get a once-over and fix those dead, dead eyes…


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  1. Ronnie

    Hell. No. This is the path to the dark side, to the suppression of original works. Confer: The Star Wars Trilogy.

  2. Enigma_2099

    Just like doing this to video games, it's just how they're going to sell you the same stuff again instead of making new ones

  3. SubsonicJoint

    Why "fix" an old movie? I mean have we not known the back fire the Star Wars edits cause? Even even if they just making things higher quality and unchanging designs. Why do it? Have we done it to Silent movies when Audio was introduced, or black and white evolving into color? Should we also revisit those films? Nah leave it be I think If the future can't over look/endure the simplistic graphics then maybe they shouldn't enjoy the movie themselves.

  4. The Flash III

    While I don't think updating a computer-animated feature is as blasphemous as CGI-ing a pre-computer graphics movie, I don't think it's necessary. Toy story still looks great and has a certain charm to it. Nothing can fix the dead eyes in Polar Express. Nothing. :S_

  5. Fengschwing

    Let me put this to you; a few years ago an anniversary version of Jaws was mooted where the (arguably) fake animatronic shark was to be replaced with a CGI version.
    Would it of made the film better?

    • I don't think that's a good comparison. To my mind, a higher-res version of Toy Story would be more like the gorgeous HD restoration they did for the JAWS Blu-Ray. We're not talking about doing anything except smoothing over some rougher spots and adding more detail.

      Honestly, Toy Story may be a bad example, since the characters are already cartoonish and fairly simplistic in design (although I do notice a difference between the way the characters look in Toy Story vs. Toy Story 3). But what about Polar Express? The characters are meant to be fairly realistic. Same goes for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. Will Gollum looks as realistic to children in 2025 as he did to us?

  6. It’s partly technical specs, but also the rental quality of the animation. Toy Story had begun to show it’s age, but the movie itself holds up – Monsters Inc. Is actually a pretty good example of this, too. They are CGI, but it’s not the main “spectacle” so much as a vehicle for the movie.

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