A very early version of Poe

Let’s take a little trip down Memory Lane, shall we?

Way, way back in the year 2000 (weird how that still sounds futuristic…), I asked a friend of mine to create an visual avatar for my “Poe Ghostal” handle. This was back when the expression “go postal” was still somewhat in circulation, so I figured people knew where the joke came from.

The earliest reference to “Poe Ghostal” I can find is this Usenet message I wrote on  January 12, 2000. For the record, I still stand by my assertions regarding variations and “definitive” figures.

Anyway, here’s the first sketch my friend did:


And then the final version:


I never really used this as an avatar – the website it was scheduled for never came about. At OAFE, starting in 2002, I used a ToyBiz Nazgul figure to represent Poe (and later a Halo Master Chief). The whole “red goggles, cloak and big hat” motif I use now didn’t come in until I created this website in 2007.



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  1. Did you ever recall what video game used "go postal" as a cheat code?

    • I've never figured it out. I'd swear it was Jedi Knight, or maybe Mysteries of the Sith…definitely something from the 1998-1999 era.

  2. I could see this one getting… Misinterpreted.

    • "Misinterpreted"? More like "properly interpreted"…there's a reason I never used this look 😉

    • ridureyu

      It reminds me of this one time back in 2005-ish when I was proofing/editing this one guy's book on radical Islam, politics, etc. It was pretty standard for the most part. Toward the end, the author wanted to present a proposed solution to terrorism – I forgot what it was. It was actually kind of innocous, and probably wouldn't solve anything – but he had unfortunately titled the chapter:


      I… had to explain why this was a very bad idea.

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