SDCC Mattycollector items currently available for Early Access, and…

…Mattycollector appears to have crashed from the Early Access traffic. Oh, Mattycollector (shakes head like a sitcom dad).


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  1. The Flash III

    I had a fellow collector on Facebook who has a sub and Early Access but it wouldn't work for him. He called DR and they couldn't tell him why his wasn't working or how to fix it, so I had to use my Early Access to place his order for him. If this is the last year for DCIE, I'll be kind of glad I never have to see that site or worry about trusting DR to handle things.

  2. Sledgehama

    Well I placed my order after some heart-stopping worry, but then the invoice came through with no shipping address listed other than my country. Email submitted to see if they can confirm that the address is correctly loaded on the order. Fingers crossed I get a positive reply and soon!

  3. clark

    Bwahahahaha! I love that all the issues collectors complain about have now been address and are things of the past.
    Oh Matty, we've been doing this for over five years but screwing things up just seems to be in your DNA.

  4. Syncorizon

    I see no one here mentioned the point where it LOOKED like the site was running…but if you looked at the prices…everything had been multiplied by TEN! Look…i was looking forward to Rokkon and Stonedar as much as anyone…but $600? yeah…no thanks.

    Then the constant refreshes started…remember those from the early days? Yeah…fun…especially when you've just noticed you've got $1,100 in your cart… Man, inflation these days…am I right Digital River?

    Finally did get things to go through though…I hope. And HOPEFULLY at the right price…it looked that way on the final invoice so here's hoping…

    With as well as this went…cripes…can't imagine how Sky Sled sale day is going to be. Actually…I can. And it makes me want to skip the damn thing and pay the scalp-or prices on ebay.


  5. I think I managed to get an order in, but I haven't seen an confirmation e-mail yet, so I'm not convinced.

    Luckily, Matty thought ahead and set up an alternate sale website at You should be able to get all the SDCC exclusives there.

    • _RZ_

      I got my order in for mini figures, but I haven't been sent a confirmation email either.

  6. Misterbigbo

    What a mess. I logged on at 11:00 for mini masters for me and the kids, got them in the cart, then got the failure screen. Blew past the WSOD, RSOD, and straight to plaid.

    Just now I got through and placed the order as planned, but can't get back in to Mattycollector. Let's see what comes of this.

  7. Another win for Digital River!

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