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  • For any New England-based Poesters, I’ll be attending the CollectionDX Summit this Saturday afternoon in Dracut, MA. If you’re interested in attending, you can check it out here (and please RSVP if you decide to go).
  • The 2014 Club Eternia subscription went through at 115%. Now we can all start gearing up for next year’s panic. (I predict that will be a “One Final Year!” campaign.)
  • For the curious, here’s what I got in the Gothitropolis Ravens Kickstarter: one Raven with the battle pack set, one set of black wings, Quetzalcoatl, and two stands. Quetzalcoatl is the real stand-out among the variants, both for its colors and because it’s more of a lizard than a bird, which makes it a bit more distinctive – in my opinion anyway. Looking forward to adding them alongside the Keeper of the Black Labyrinth.
  • Speaking of the Ravens Kickstarter, here is a cool behind-the-scenes video, along with some photos.
  • Does a defleshed necromancer stares at you while you sleep? If so, you’re either deeply mentally ill, have some strange friends, or you’ve got the life-sized Skeletor bust from Pop Culture Shock Collectibles.
  • Phil Reed of Battlegrip is experimenting with the idea of making the site into a magazine. This comes on the heels of Brian of CoolandCollected will be trying a magazine as well. I find this an intriguing, if slightly counterintuitive, trend. Phil’s reasons are that he misses working in print and having the ability to play with and control graphics and presentation. That’s actually a very good point, I think – websites, especially popular ones, tend to be pretty stripped-down and minimalist and can’t really offer much in the way of variety of content presentation. Obviously, a website that presents its content in a way that’s too visually “busy” is not only a strain on bandwidth for both the site and reader but also tends to be difficult to read online, but perhaps an online magazine can represent a middle way. That said, didn’t ToyFare originally try something like this and it didn’t work? Brian, for his part, acknowledges that magazines aren’t exactly a growth industry right now, but he just thinks it would be fun to make one.
  • The 1966 Batman figures are starting to pop up at stores. I’m not planning on collecting the line, but if I see Batman himself at a store I’m sure I’ll be unable to resist picking him up.


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Pic of the Day > Professor X by SnowHulk


  1. clark

    I got more ravens then I should have. I picked up 7 birds, both battle packs, 3 wings, and bone wings. None of them are Quetzacoatl. I like him but he is near the bottom of my list, just above the Griffin and Phoenix. I also got Minotaur, but will probably sell him, for $33 I didn't want to regret not having him.

    On top of that, I went ahead and subbed for MOTUC quarterly shipping. I've never subbed before, but this is the first time I liked all the reveals at SDCC and decided to give it a shot. Also once I found out that I was only getting charged $25 instead of $170, it made the decision easier. Mattel should make that crystal clear that you are only getting charged $25 right off the bat. I know they do say that on the subscription page, but then you get $170 thrown in your cart and I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't trust DR not to screw it up.

  2. Ronnie

    Just grabbed Adam West Batman. Now I can finally throw away that $4 loose MM TDK Bats that was filling the hole in my DC Heroes display with a Batman who's better acted.

  3. Izdawiz

    Wow! Sorry about that. That was the mother of all run-on sentences… 😉

  4. Izdawiz

    Quetzalcoatl is my favorite too. Go Hero had a version planned that never made it off the drawing board when their Rama action figure didn't make it through the Kickstarter process so as far as I know, this is the very first plastic Quetzalcoatl action figure ever made. The ancient Aztec and Mayans probably made some but chances are they were made of wood or clay.

  5. Thanks for the plug! I think I'll have the first PDF issue ready to launch that first week of September; I'm thinking the first Monday of the month.

  6. Mark

    I might start cherry picking some MOTUC figures to go with my Vikor figure. 😀

  7. Fengschwing

    Ha, just read that despite 'squeaking through' at over 15%, the MOTUC sub is going to RE-OPEN.
    Set that money hoover to maximum suck Matty…

    • ridureyu

      Well, they've got DC subbers to soak up. That's the idea.

      And then there are people like me, who were under the impression that Matty charged you all $550 when you subbed.

  8. Fengschwing

    Oh and I got the duck too, battle pack, skeleton wings and skull.
    Can't wait to get my mits on him.

  9. Harrig

    So did you cave in and sub up Poe? I resisted as I have burnt out on all that, but congratulations to the fans who truly wanted it to go through – I hope you get rewarded for your faith in the line.

  10. Fengschwing

    Congrats to the MOTUC fans. I'm almost relieved I don't have to pony up for DC figures each month now. That said, I bet they figure out some way to still get money out of me…

  11. I only picked up the Minotaur Duck. Can. not. Wait.

    Also, HOORAY MOTUC!!!!

  12. Quetzalcoatl is my favorite, too, though more due to how well he resembles some of the ancient statuary.

  13. Club Eternia goes through; *two deep breaths* "Victory."

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