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And now we come to the end of our SDCC coverage. I’ve had to hold off on this one because I was really busy last week, but now I can finally take the time to discuss all the reveals.



Image from Toyark


Mattel showed a mock-up of a 1/12th-scale Ecto-1, which is currently available for pre-order along with Peter and Ray figures with removable proton packs so they can actually sit in the car. As of this writing, the pre-orders are extremely low and this seems unlikely to be made. It’s $215 for the car itself, $25 apiece for the Peter and Ray figures, and a multipack of all three for $265.

Doesn’t Mattel do market research? Couldn’t they crunch the numbers of their previous Ghostbusters sales and realize, “There’s no way we’ll sell enough of these?” The toy itself sounds amazing – it has lights and sounds, the trunk opens so the figures can store their gear, the doors open and so forth. That’s great, but it’s hard to get people excited when you don’t even have a prototype to show off.

Yes, that worked for Castle Grayskull, which is obviously the inspiration for this attempt. The problem is that Ghostbusters was never anywhere near as popular as Masters of the Universe Classics. And for good reason! It was a poorly-produced toyline. If Mattel had done a (much) better job on Ghostbusters – with individual body sculpts for the Ghostbusters, better facial likenesses, more ghosts, 6″-scale Real Ghostbusters figures, etc. – the Ecto-1 might have had a chance. Maybe that wasn’t cost-effective, but if so, maybe Mattel shouldn’t have picked up the license in the first place.

DC Comics

I think a lot of fans are wondering what’s going on with Mattel’s DC strategy. Since the end of DC Universe Classics as a brand, Mattel has been all over the place with the DC license. My theory was that DC Collectibles is slowly taking over the adult-collector-targeted, comic-based figures while Mattel focuses on cartoons, movies, and kids, and would stop competing with Mattel.

Image from Toyark

Image from Toyark

That may be true in regard to 6″-7″ figures. But just as DC Collectibles expands its 3 3/4″ line (and, it should be noted, Hasbro reduces its own 3.75″ superhero line), Mattel introduces their DC Comics Multiverse line, which everything I’ve found online says is 4″ (not 3.75″) tall. While the DCC line appears to focus on comic-based figures, Mattel’s will focus on videogames and movies, apparently, including a Michael Keaton Batman in the second wave.* The line is due in Spring 2014.

Of course, every figure of this line will be incompatible with all the 3.75″ lines out there, so forget about having Batman hang out with Snake Eyes or Marvel Universe Wolverine. I remain utterly confounded by the blindness of so many companies to collectors’ scale preferences. Mattel is one of the worst offenders with their giant MOTUC, slightly-oversized DCUC, too-small Movie Masters and all-over-the-damn-place Arkham figures, but as another example, McFarlane blew it with their 5″ Halo stuff. Collectors – especially superhero collectors – care a lot about scale. Making figures in scale with each other is a good marketing tactic. You will move more units, period. Why is it so hard to give us that?

I suppose it’s possible Mattel is going with the 4″ scale because they can’t legally do a 3.75″ scale due to DCC’s line, but given that DCC is (as far as I know) owned by the license holder, I can’t believe that’s the case.

It also bugs me we’ll now have a 12″ Michael Keaton Batman, an 18″ Michael Keaton Batman and a 4″ Michael Keaton Batman, but no 6″ Michael Keaton Batman. If I were a crazier person, I would view this as personal persecution by dark forces. But I’m not…quite…that crazy.

Anyway, I somehow missed out entirely on the DC Multiverse line until I started writing this thing today, so I’m not sure how much of a splash it made. Are people excited about this? The figures themselves look, well, okay. I wish they had biceps swivels, and I’m not sure whether they have ball-jointed hips, but otherwise, they look fairly good for the scale.


Image from ToyArk

Then there’s the new DC Comics Total Heroes line, a 6″ line at a $10 price point. The line is stylized and seems to be based on the ersatz-animated look of Mattel’s kid-oriented Batman line, but with a bit more articulation. The Four Horsemen evidently had a hand in developing the look and/or engineering, but I don’t think they’re the primary sculptors.

In general, I collect “realistic” figures. Stylized looks turn me off so much I haven’t even been able to pull the trigger on Mezco’s awesome 9″ Gillman from Creature from the Black Lagoon. So this Total Heroes line has little appeal for me and would have no place in my collection. However, between the 6″ size, the excellent character variety**, the appealing, colorful designs, the welcome accessories, and the cheap price point, I suspect not only could this line prove popular with collectors, but it may even break through with kids and serve as a kind of Super Powers for the twenty-first century.

In short, while I won’t collect Total Heroes, I heartily approve and hope it does well. As with the Multiverse line, this one is due in spring 2014.


Image from Toynewsi

Finally for the DC stuff, there were the Club Infinite Earth reveals. The rest of 2013 will feature Huntress in her Jim Lee outfit with a crossbow, Ocean Master because why not, Ra’s Al Ghul as played by Lee Marvin, and Batzarro because again, why not I guess. Since I have a complete collection of all the Bat-family characters from the DCSH/DCUC/CIE era, I’d like to get Huntress and Ra’s Al Ghul, if only for completion’s sake. However, I don’t see myself fighting Mattycollector on sale day to get them (is CIE stuff even sold on sale days? I don’t even know).


Image from Toynewsi

The 2014 sub – if it happens – will feature a hook-hand Aquaman, Connor Kent Superboy, Ice, and two versions of Doomsday, one in his technological “straightjacket” and the other “unleashed” (a.k.a. “normal”). Because the unleashed Doomsday is more desirable, he is the higher, far-less-likely-to-be-reached goal of the subscription.

Oh, and there are still a couple more Watchmen figures coming.

Masters of the Universe Classics

Before I start, I just want to mention again I’m not subscribing for 2014. Last year I barely subscribed to Club Eternia 2013, and that was because of Ram Man. My reasons are pretty simple and I’ve stated them before – I’m just not that interested in MOTUC any more. They’ve released every character I owned as a kid, and the line is expensive to collect. Despite my personal waning interest, I can’t and won’t deny Mattel’s offerings for the rest of this year and for 2014 are almost all entirely awesome.

Thankfully, He-Man.org put together a list I can just crib from:

The Remaining 2013 Schedule:

AUG: Shokoti (Club Filmation) – Castaspella (2013 Club Eternia)

SEP: Batros (Club Filmation) – Sky High with Jet Sled

OCT: Lord Dactus (2013 Club Eternia) – Mantenna (2013 Club Eternia) – Nephthu (Club Filmation) – Weapons Pak: End of War (NO SUB) – Horde Troopers 2Pack (2013 Club Eternia)

NOV: Geldor (2013 Club Eternia) – Sea Hawk (Club Filmation) – Stickers (2013 Club Eternia) – Castle Grayskull (NO SUB)

DEC: Plundor (2013 Club Eternia) – Strong Arm (Club Filmation)

The 2014 Schedule:

JAN: Two Bad (2014 Club Eternia) – Modulok (2014 Club Eternia)

FEB: Glimmer (2014 Club Eternia)

MAR: Hydron (2014 Club Eternia) – The Unnamed One with Mini-Comic drawn by Axel Jimenez detailing He-Man and Skeletor’s FINAL BATTLE and the Horde Empire MAP (2014 Club Eternia)

  • Traveling con figure for 2014 will be Goat Man from the Golden Books.
  • MOTUC Standar figure announced at Stan Lee’s convention Comikazi in 2013.
  • Scorpia’s Tail was teased in a very quick shot.

Let’s start with the stuff that looks fine but doesn’t interest me mucht: Hydron, Glimmer, Nepthu, Shokoti, Batros, Mantenna, Standar (a bizarre figure of Stan Lee as a MOTU character).


Image from Toyark

Plundor, the giant pink rabbit from the bizarre Filmation episode “The Quest for He-Man,” has proved controversial. I think the main reason for the controversy is that he’s a f***ing giant pink rabbit. No wait – what I meant to say was, the main reason he’s controversial is because he’s taking up a Club Eternia monthly spot, instead of either a.) a Filmation sub spot, or b.) the traveling con exclusive spot.


Image from Toyark

Personally, I think Club Eternia should be reserved for characters who were in a previous toyline, the MYP cartoon, or expanded universe stuff like Vikor. The Filmation sub should be for characters from the Filmation series, and the traveling exclusive should be either basically a repaint (TOD Sorceress, Strobo) or some other not-necessarily-must-have item.

Goat Man, while bearing a ridiculous name, looks badass. Plundor is one of the goofiest characters ever to appear on the Filmation show, and that’s saying something. Swap Goat Man for Plundor and the problem is solved, or if you have to, put Plundor in the Filmation sub, but why put him in the main sub?

Plundor also represents another significant deviation from the “Classics Style” the Horsemen hewed closer to earlier in subscription. It’s very cartoony, which clashes with a lot of the other figures in the line. At this point, I suspect many fans will be placing their Filmation figures on a separate shelf from the main MOTUC line.

I suppose the idea is to make the figures look as much like the Filmation design as possible, to give value to the Filmation aspect. But it comes at the cost of a certain degree of uniformity for the line.

Moving on…


Image from Toyark

Modulok. What else can I say about this? He’s incredibly badass. Assuming the engineering works, this one hits it straight out of the park and over the moon.


Image from Toynewsi

Lord Dactys. Couldn’t we have gotten this guy before I was spending a fortune on S.H.MonsterArts? Anyway, he looks fantastic.


Image from Toyark

Two-Bad. Here’s a great example of what I was saying about the Classics style. There’s no cartoonishness here. It looks great, although I’m always going to have a soft spot for the Millennium version.


Image from Toynewsi

Sea Hawk and Strong Arm (ignore Nepthu on the left). Strongarm is neat, and he doesn’t have a cartoonish head so he’ll fit in with the other MOTUC figures just fine.

Unfortunately, the jacket on Sea Hawk makes him look, well, kind of fat. It’s especially problematic since he’s one of the leaner males in the MOTUniverse.


Image from Toynewsi

The Horde Troopers – these are cool, although I’ve heard complaints that they’re too cartoonish. While I’m obviously aware of that issue, I don’t think it’s that bad here.


Image from Pixel-dan.com

Sky High with Sky Sled. I’m severely tempted by this. I love the Sky Sled, I love Sky High from the Grayskull poster. I’m on board.

Finally there’s the whole “Unnamed One” thing. Mattel recently released a tease about him. Very curious to see how all that turns out.

If the sub doesn’t go through, Mattel has said that at least some of the figures that were shown will get released one way or another. I remain skeptical the subs won’t go through. While interest in MOTUC isn’t what it was 2-3 years ago, the reveals this year were much stronger than last year’s. I suspect it will pull through.

On the other hand, if Mattel is at all on the level about these “thermometers,” I don’t think Club Infinite Earths or the Ecto-1 will make it.


I believe the only way Mattel would have had a chance of getting the Ecto-1 and Club Infinite Earth subs pushed through would have been to do so in a manner like Kickstarter, with total transparency regarding the financial number they need to hit and constant real-time updates of the orders (Although let’s face it, Digital River could never get their shit together enough to offer real-time updates.) This gives fans a much clearer understanding of the situation and a clear goal to campaign for. (This would also help the MOTU subscription, although I think that will pull through anyway.)

Unfortunately, I think a big corporation like Mattel is just too bureaucratic and dependent upon risk-averse lawyers’ advice to get the permissions for that sort of thing.

*I suppose one could argue the lines aren’t competing with one another because one focuses on comic-based versions of characters while the other is movie/videogame-based, but DC action figure collectors only have so many dollars they can spend.

**I mean, two Azrael variants? In a twenty-year-old costume?


today’s haul


Pic of the Day > Darth Maul – hasbro – black series by sir_winger


  1. I'm late on this post, but:

    "It also bugs me we’ll now have a 12″ Michael Keaton Batman, an 18″ Michael Keaton Batman and a 4″ Michael Keaton Batman, but no 6″ Michael Keaton Batman. If I were a crazier person, I would view this as personal persecution by dark forces. But I’m not…quite…that crazy."

    I can't agree more.

  2. Dark Angel

    OMG do you have ANY idea how hard is not to VOMIT SARCASM all over this article? Because SERIOUSLY.

    OK, just had to get that out. Off to think about just ANYTHING other than Scott, Mattel and MOTUC now! Ta!

  3. ero

    Plundor fits the Classics aesthetic much more than Dactus, who looks as though the intention is for him to with a 2002 collection, not an MOTUC collection.

    • Bigbot

      We already got Carnivus to represent his race, Lord Dactys represents another race underneath Eternia. I definitely prefer the detail on this figure compared to the smooth detail-less figures and straight-vintage updates.

    • ero

      Well, I'm not talking about character inclusion, just the execution. The jagged, sharp lines on the new parts of that figure just don't meld with the rest of the line. Plundor has a new head and webgear, both of which, to my eyes, share the same sculpting style as all the vintage-esque stuff.

  4. nerdbot

    Is anyone else looking forward to Plundor as a base for a custom Super Rabbit?

  5. The Flash III

    Poe, I take exception with you putting Ocean Master and Batzarro at the "because why not" level. Aquaman has virtually no villains besides Black Manta and a lot of DC collectors have been asking for him for quite a while. Batzarro, on the other hand, is a figure that I have never heard ANYONE ask for. Scott may say he has been planned for several years, but it's pretty obvious Batzarro was going to be in the Batman Unlimited line before it got cancelled. It's figures like this and the terrible Red Hood version we got that make people wary about signing up for 2014. I'm not optimistic about the sub making it, but at least they said we'll be able to get the 3 announced figures one way or another.

    • Bigbot

      There should have always been zero Bat characters in the DCIE sub. Are we supposed to believe none of the Bat family and foes would sell at retail? It's F'ING BATMAN! Him and Spider-Man are the only two characters that can carry a line on their name alone. There's no excuse for not getting Huntress, Poison Ivy, and Black Mask in the main retail Batman line. Now we know they're done with the DCUC style of figures at retail, but those three should have been in the Batman Unlimited waves early this year.

    • AmericanHyena

      Eeeeeh…Ivy I’ll give you. That’s a character widely enough known that I think it would probably sell. Moms and Dads and kids know who Ivy is. Huntress? Maybe. It’s a cool and bright looking costume. Sure why not.

      Black Mask is a guy in a suit. Granted a guy in a creepy mask but still a guy in a suit. I’ve seen enough peg warming Dark Knight series figures to say Mattel did the right thing on that one.

  6. Enigma_2099

    And Mattel flips us the bird again by making Connor Kent a subscription exclusive… I am NOT subscribing to this crap club to get a Superboy!!!

  7. ADPriceless

    There has been a lot of confusion around but I’m pretty sure Plundor was confirmed by TG on RGD as Club Filmation and Strong Arm as Club Eternia.

    • Poe

      I’m going by what Mattel has on its own website:

      December 2013
      Early Access: Thurs 12/12 at 8am PT thru Fri 12/13 at 8am PT (subscribers only)

      •Products Available: TBA
      All Access Monthly Sale: Monday 12/16 9am PT

      •DC Classic TV Series Batman™ Utility Belt
      •DCU Batzarro (Club Infinite Earths figure)
      •Ghostbusters™ Neutrino Wand
      •MOTUC Plundor™ (Club Eternia® figure, Filmation-style)
      •MOTUC Standor™
      •MOTUC Strong-or™ (Club Filmation figure)

      Has there been written confirmation this is an error?

    • ero

      TG confirmed it in the Q&A as well. Plundor is definitely Eternia and Strong-Or is Filmation. As a subholder of both, I definitely think they should have been swapped. But oh well.

  8. Misterbigbo

    Great write up, as usual, and thanks for the Ozymandias pic. I missed that entirely.

    In no way am I surprised to see Plundor, but you're right that he doesn't fit in (Scott repeatedly called him PlunDAR on Gooble. Odd) The only reveals I am interested in are Dactus and Hydron; I have no familiarity with either character but their designs a very appealing to me.

    And finally, Ecto-1 is embarrassingly expensive. I have a few high-end collectibles, and I can explain why each can cost what it does, but I can't wrap my head around this thing.

    • MegaGearMax

      • 100% new tooling that can't be re-used
      • Size
      • Not many made
      • Lights and Sounds

    • Misterbigbo

      Yeah, I understand those things, but I don’t believe they add up to the amount Matty wants.

  9. 3B_

    I'm convinced the whole Tier 1 & 2 Doomsday thing is bullshit. I don't doubt they need to reach a certain goal to get the sub made, but if we reach Tier 1, the only Doomsday they're going to make is the unleashed version. There's no way the regular DD is much more expensive to produce than the containment suit version. This is all a ploy (albeit, ill-advised) to get more people to sign up. But in the end it won't matter because if they decide to move forward with the 2014 sub, they'll tell us we beat the odds and hit tier 2.

    We'll never know for sure because they're not going to reveal the numbers… ever, so whatever. I subbed for 2014. If it goes through, great. If not, no biggie. I'm eyeing DCC Capullo Batman line, anyway.

    As far as Ecto-1 goes, it's actually kind of heartbreaking. I loved my original Ecto-1 as a kid and would love to have this one, but the price is just ridiculous. Compounded by the need to buy the team all over again. F*&king, Mattel.

  10. Dan

    Didn't Scott say in so many words that Nepthu was a character that HE wanted and could pretty much care less if fans liked him or not? It's bad enough to force the sub model on fans, but to add insult to injury by surprising us with characters we don't like… is just malicious. Just because Nepthu may have been mentioned on the boards a few times, doesn't mean fans are clamoring for him… but nice try Scott.

  11. Andy

    While both Plundor and Dactys are both stylized, Dactys will fit with Carnivus while Plundor looks like he belongs on a Looney Tune shelf. He's just very dopey, even for Filmation standards.

    I recommend the latest Roast Gooble podcast with both Scott N. and Eric T. They explain Plundor is the remnants off the old 2016 plan and does not reflect character selection for the next 2 years. They run down every complaint and the most telling is when the podcast crew ask them about the Nepthu selection. Scott says that his name came up a lot online and no one on the panel confesses to liking him. This is the disconnect, akin to the scale issues Poe mentioned. If none of the hosts of a He-Man podcast can get down with your character selection, you're doing something wrong.

    • _RZ_

      Here is something interesting.

      I will add that there was a lot of talk about Plundor back in the day, probably over a decade ago, and fans were pretty 50/50 on whether he was cool or not. Nepthu I had never heard of until he started showing up on these lists, and I thought "Cool an Egyptian character" and while I will get him, it's definitely not the most exciting of designs. I wish all the Filmation figures were like Bow and had a little more detail to them.

      I don't blame him for picking two cartoon characters he likes. He's in charge and can do whatever he wants, that's the bonus he gains for working for them all these years, he can decide what gets made and what doesn't. But it's another to try to throw shade around that, and say "people talked a lot about these guys online." With Nepthu, no one really even mentioned the character; with Plundor, people wanted him a little in the 90's, but since MOTUC started the overwhelming opinion online was that he sucked big time. I like both of these figures but I'm not so silly to think that my opinion is in any way reflective of what other people want, I am a lone wanderer in the desert with those figures 😉

      A lot of people have been asking for Dactys for years; I don't have any interest but it is something people have been asking for for a while. You can't blame the guy for doing what he wants to do, that's his prerogative. He's in charge, and picks who gets made and who doesn't. That's totally fine with me. But when he gets up there and pretends that a lot of other people want it too, that's not correct. Up until these two figures, almost all of the concept and new character figures released were things people have asked for since 2002 or even before. FFM, Star Sisters, Carnivus, Dactys, He-Ro, Vikor, Vykron- these are all things that people have been asking for since the 90's, 200x, and the Lee's MOTU articles. But Plundor and Nepthu- there was nothing, or far more against online, than positive. I usually do not care in any way who or who doesn't get made. But this was something I noticed, the smoke sent up about these selections.

  12. perivam3

    Remember that kid you knew in high school? The wannabe comic artist who was always drawing dragons or warriors or battles during algebra? We all knew someone like that. Yeah, Lord Dactys looks like he was designed by that kid.

    No offense, but I find it a little funny you consider Plundor to be too "cartoony" while Dactys is "fantastic." Don't get me wrong, I've never even seen the Plundor episode, so I'm not just some rabid rabbit fan. But to me, personally, Dactys looks more out of place than Plundor ever would. Dactys is far too stylized and is pretty much the epitome of everything that 200X show was about. He looks more like a renegade Pokemon than anything in the MOTUC universe. As for Plundor's inclusion in the sub, we've already had Fang Man in the sub, so it's not like Filmation characters haven't shown up before. Apparently Mattel decided there was enough fan demand for Plundor that they'd satisfy more people putting him in the main sub. Can't say I blame them. Never seen either of these characters in action, but I'll take an evil pink rabbit over a Yugioh supporting character any day.

    As for the rest of the reveals, I do believe Mattel did as close to a perfect job as they could making the case that 2014 will contain a lot of fan-demanded characters. Two-Bad and Modulok could have easily anchored their own years, so getting them within the same proves that many holes will be filled in our collections. Despite the doomsayers and such, I have little doubt the sub will go through, even if at the last minute like last year. Even with all their problems and the horrors of DR, I'm sure there are many fans who will just have to have the core characters already announced and still to come. As for the DC side, that's iffy, but perhaps the complete end of DCUC style figures at retail will bring enough people in to allow the sub to go through. Tier 2 Doomsday is probably unlikely, but at least Tier 1 will provide a different look on the shelf.

    • ero

      I was never able to put my finger on what it was about 200X that ultimately turned me off (I really did try to give it a chance), but this is it:

      "Remember that kid you knew in high school? The wannabe comic artist who was always drawing dragons or warriors or battles during algebra? We all knew someone like that. Yeah, Lord Dactys looks like he was designed by that kid. "

    • Bigbot

      So what you're saying is, Lord Dactys would be cool with high school kids while vintage figures are for the little children watching Scooby Doo and the like?

  13. Mysterious Stranger

    Marvel Universe, most Star Wars figures and the modern G.I. Joe line are all in the 4" scale regardless of what people say. Referring to them as 3 3/4" is just an old habit from when these figure lines WERE 3 3/4" tall. But take a MU figure and measure it against an ARAH G.I. Joe figure and you'll see a big difference in size.

    So if Mattel's new small scale DC line IS 4" then it will fit in just fine with MU, GI Joe and the rest. The DC Collectibles GL figures are 3 3/4" which is frustrating because they have most of the modern articulation of its Marvel counterparts but the figures are smaller making them look out of scale.

    • So are you optimistic that, when placed side by side, Mattel will have made an action figure that looks in-scale next to modern G.I. Joe, Marvel Universe or Star Wars figures? Because I must admit I am not.

    • Mysterious Stranger

      No I'm not, because from what I saw in the display case at SDCC the figures look closer to 3 3/4" scale than 4" like the DCIH line.

    • stack32

      MU and GI Joe might be considered 4" even though the two lines don't really seem to be in the same scale, but Star Wars is definitely smaller and deserves to be called 3 3/4".

    • _RZ_

      Marvel Universe and GIJOE 25th are technically 4-inch scale. They don't look so bad with 3.75" figures, and most collectors who deal in 1:18 scale or 3 3/4-inch are into both lines. But I think most would agree, they are way too tall when compared to similarly sized figures. I think most collectors are not super rigid in the scale, and you see people using anywhere from 1:16 scale to 1:20 in their displays and dioramas. So for most, it's all pretty interchangeable. Even the terminology is a little twisted: people use 1:18 scale, 4-inch scale, 3 3/4-inch, 3.75 inch, and they mean the same thing, even though they are different things. I've noticed for clarity and search engine optimization, a lot of collectors and companies are simply using "3.75 inch" now across the board. This makes things confusing for those who want their Spider-Man to be perfectly in scale with C-3PO and Hellboy, as for most of the figures, he's way too tall! Or for people who haven't collected since the 90's, they get confused by 3.75 vs 3 3/4 terminologies, they sometimes think they're different when they're the same.

      I'm taking a "wait and see" approach to them just like I did the similar stuff from DC Collectibles. It's kind of funny as while they are right-on 3.75-inch I feel like they're too small to hang with my other super heroes figures, which are all a quarter inch taller on average.

  14. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    On MOTUC: I'm crazy about Glimmer, Two-Bad, Modulok, the hint of Scorpia. I'm happy that Hydron is coming. (once we get NA Skeletor and Flogg and we have the REALLY core NA folks)
    Standor… well, I want one, but he will not be a MOTU God… He'll be a perverted old gar who is getting a lapdance from BGT… Excelsior!!
    Plundor… Blegh!
    Strongarm… meh!
    Nepthu… Glad I dodged that bullet by not getting Club Filmation
    Sea Hawk… I need a 1:12 Bowl of Ben and Jerry's for him to hold.
    Horde Troopers: FINALLY!!
    dactys was a surprise.
    Sky High: Makes army building Sky Sleds a pain in the neck!

  15. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    My issues with Ecto-1 and the GB line:

    On the GB Line:
    Packs should have been removable since day 1. Buying Multiple Venkmans for streams was stupid. A "Weapons pack with 4 packs in RGB Colors streams and RGB Trap, PKE Meter, etc. would have sold well. Too many GB Variants… (except RGB… )

    On the Ecto-1:
    Lights and sounds are unneeded. It's very likely that the Ecto-1s are going to end up on shelves untouched. Also axing them would lower the price on it and make it more affordable.
    I'm sorry but $265 for a car and 2 "Car driving variants" of the Ghostbusters seems like a lot. Especially when Castle Freaking Grayskull was $250! (or $275 depending WHEN it was preordered) For $265 I'd rather have the Firehouse and Janine.

  16. Mattel only got the GB license because they thought a 3rd movie was in the works and that it featured 4 guys who wear the same thing. And when they're not wearing that thing at least 3 of them are wearing the same other thing.

    Since the beginning of the line when asked about a potential Ecto 1 Matty said that they would like to do one some day. So why didn't they think of removable packs in the first place? I spent 90% of my money on 90% of this line buying toys that were 90% reuse. It was bad at $20, bad at $22 and its still bad at $25.

    No way this happens. And I'm okay with that. I'd love to have an in scale Ecto but I can't afford it. And if I could, I'd probably pass anyway.

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