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Poe’s Point > Thoughts on Mattel’s reveals from SDCC 2013


  1. I will concede that the plush A.T. toys are wonderful & that 2 pack with the comic looks pretty sweet! Has anyone witnessed the wwz atrocity they’ve unleashed upon the world?

  2. Poe, now finish cleaning those stairs OR YOU"RE FIRED!!!

    Is that Benson new? I haven't seen that one yet. I always look at the Regular Show Toys when I'm at TRU, but don't end up buying any because the quality just never looks that good. I might get that Benson if I saw it, though.

  3. Wow. No love for Jazwares.

    Jazwares makes mostly crappy toys, yes. I just couldn't resist that it was Benson and that he came with a breath weapon.

    For the record, I didn't think these were terrible.

  4. Basically I'm with everyone else. I love Adventure Time and Regular Show but I refuse to buy those figures.

    As much as I'd really love that Benson figure, Jazwares is too horrible for me to give them any kind of profit.

  5. Shindanrod

    I got the adventure times ones, for my wife, and if the sculpts are fine, the plastic is cheap, the articulations is kind of weird, and the paint is terrible.

  6. clark

    I love Benson, but I'm with Rancor84, I've heard bad things about the Adventure Time and Regular Show toys are, along with the Hanna-Barbara figures.

  7. I love adventure time & regular show but I’ve heard too many bad things about the toys! Bad paint, fragile, bad play-ability. What do you think, poe?

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