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Howdy folks, it’s been a long time since I shouted at you on Poe’s site, but here I am again with my impressions of the 2013 SDCC G.I. Joe exclusive Transformers themed set. You may know me from my musings over at The Robot’s Pajamas, but I decided to write this piece up for Poe since he was so kind to provide me with this set. No, he didn’t just give it to me. I had to pay… and pay dearly. Was it worth it!? Let’s see…




The main reason any fan would be getting this set is the Jetfire. Okay, the Ravage/Baroness might be a main selling point, but I don’t think they’d be as likely to keep a giant set just for the two figures. Anyway, before Poe was able to hook me up, I contemplated buying a Jetfire loose, because I simply had to have it. Sure one could buy Jetfire stickers off of Cobra Stickers and put them on a regular Skystriker, but then you’d have to paint it to get the white (And since this puppy is white, it does lead me to worry that in a few years it will be yellow. We’ll see!). Plus, you wouldn’t have the “booster rockets” then and that is what really screams “Jetfire” to me. (Note: Cobra Stickers no longer seems to be offering the Jetfire sticker sheets. Strange…)


New and old-ish.

Assembling the Jetfire was basically sticking a few things together and then applying stickers. There are a lot of stickers with this thing. I didn’t apply all of them and there are a few that I’m thinking about adding at some point in the future. One thing that I found really weird was that some of the stickers were changed from what was on the sheet. That’s the first time I’ve ever encountered that in my long history of applying G.I. Joe stickers.

One big complaint that I had with the set was that I was missing the “heads up display” in the cockpit. It wasn’t in any of the baggies either. Luckily, I can take the one out of my regular Skystriker, but it still is a bit of a bummer. Also, some of the stickers aren’t shown on the application sheet. Bizarre. Must have been some sort of running change.


Two jets for the price of one.

The red “booster rockets” that really sell this set are awesome. I love that there’s a cockpit inside, essentially making it a separate vehicle in true G.I. Joe fashion. I like how you can attach the tail wings onto it, something that wasn’t done on the original Jetfire. Helps differentiate it more from other famous toys. Ahem…


Under parts.

Jetfire comes with extra missiles, like the 30th Anniversary version of the Skystriker did. This allows you to change the weapons load out to suit the mission (i.e. more air to air missiles or more air to surface missiles etc.). The only downside to doing it with Jetfire is that they give you stickers this time for the missiles. Unfortunately they don’t give you enough stickers to outfit all the missiles they give you, so the best way to go about it is to have an even amount of each type of missile. I wish I could buy more of these damned stickers!

Usually with toys I’ve been dying to get, I’m let down because my expectations are so high. In the case of the Jetfires set, I’m incredibly satisfied with Jetfire. It does feature the drawbacks that were inherent in the 30th Anniversary Skystriker, mostly the wing movement being attached to the landing gear. However, the change to white plastic along with all those wonderful stickers in addition to the booster rockets makes it a total win.



The one piece of the 2013 SDCC G.I. Joe / Transformers con exclusive that really gets overlooked is Hound. Yes, he’s a regular Joe Vamp with new stickers. I found that I liked him a lot more than I thought I would.


It’s worth noting that in comparison pictures there were actually two versions of the classic G.I. Joe VAMP. The most notable difference between the two is a shovel molded onto the chassis. As you can see in the images, my vintage Joe vehicle does not have this shovel.


Hound appears to be based on the 2008 version of the VAMP. If you don’t have that version, then Hound here is a welcome addition to the Joe team even if you have the vintage one. The rear gun is reworked enough with the hoses that it seems slightly more aggressive than the original.

The biggest flaw with Hound is… well he pretty much looks like a regular VAMP. The other thing that bothers me is that he doesn’t have that many stickers. I feel like it could have used more regular VAMP stickers to make Hound pop a bit more. Still, if I was in the market for having more than one VAMP in my life, Hound here would be a great addition to my collection.



I hated the Pretenders line of Transformers when I was a lad and I still do, so the addition of Bludgeon means nothing to me. However, this action figure version Bludgeon is pretty cool. He’s a funky robot death Samurai. What’s not to like about that? I probably won’t keep him forever since I’m far from a completist, but I can see him being a great addition to a G.I. Joe collection.


The biggest problem that Bludgeon has is his helmet. If you put his robes or whatever they are on his hat simply will not stay on. If you take them off, the helmet will more than likely stay on, but it does feel a bit tricky and I’m nervous posting the guy.

The second big knock against him is that his uniform really restricts leg movement. While this is a bit of a problem, he still looks bad ass, so it’s forgivable.

Baroness and Ravage


All out of bubblegums.

The Baroness is a new figure and while I like her, her head seems too large for her body. Some people are more bothered about this than others. I say it’s forgivable.


Who is walking who?!

Ravage is, well a cool four inch scale Ravage. I didn’t expect any articulation and was pleasantly surprised to find that he has exactly one point, at his neck. It’s a ball joint that allows his heat to go up and down a bit and side to side. It’s a nice touch. The sculpting is excellent and while more articulation would have been welcome, none of the G.I. Joe “pets” have much in the way of it normally anyway.

As a side note, the chain makes an interesting addition to the line. With Junkyard’s dog collar and leash, and Croc Masters whip… well there’s an interesting BDSM dio in the works.

Snake Eyes and Blaster


The Snake Eyes in this set is, well a Snake Eyes! He’s got some nice pants, a couple of cool weapons, and an Autobot logo on his arm. That’s about it. Pretty much filler.

Finally we have Blaster, which is basically just a small molded boombox with some cassette tapes. If you got last year’s set that included a similar Soundwave, you really need this guy.


I love that it fits on the back of the modern G.I. Joe team. You could recreate this famous scene with this pairing:


This year’s SDCC G.I. Joe / Transformers set was a fantastic exclusive. I couldn’t be more happy with it. Well, maybe I could if Jetfire transformed, but that’s living in a fantasy world.

Be sure to check out my further thoughts over at The Robot’s Pajamas where I go into Jetfire’s similarity with another famous toy!


Cobra Commander is regretting having an open top base.


Toy Aisle Trolls > Messed Coast Avengers


The Gothitropolis Ravens are go


  1. So the whole thing could have been avoided if they didn't use the little picture of the robot on the packaging? Is that right?

    • That's what I got, but I'm not sure anyone really knows. We're all playing armchair lawyer.

    • Andy

      Playing the same part myself, there's a good chance it would have flown under the radar without the tech spec facsimile for Jetfire. It's artwork for the specific toy Hasbro licensed for that one year, something they did more than once to satisfy the nations demand for more transformers after the '84 launch.

      FYI, there's at least two 3rd party iterations of Jetfire in the works. Those companies, in the words of Walter White last Sunday night, may want to "tread lightly"

  2. Mysterious Stranger

    CobraStickers pulled their Robotech themed sets due to the previously mentioned Harmony Gold lawsuit. They aren't named but they are being proactive to avoid any potential legal issues.

  3. _RZ_

    I couldn't have been the only one who would have bought this, or the Starscream from last year, as a regular retail release. This would have been a cool reason to show up to shop at TRU, Kmart, etc.

  4. Monte

    Nice write-up, sir. And should you ever decide to trade the Snake Eyes, please keep me in mind!

  5. Andy

    It should be noted that there's a lawsuit over this set approaching which prohibited it from being on sale anywhere other than sdcc

    • I pointed to that issue at the end of this post.

    • What about private resellers and right of first sale?

    • Andy

      Actually, Harmony Gold would like Hasbro to round up all the purchased ones as well and have them brought to their HQ. Thank you, come again!

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