Tons of Four Horsemen News


There has been a metric crap-ton of Four Horsemen news over the last week or so. Where to start?

I guess I’ll start with Power-Con, since that’s just wrapped up. For those that don’t know, Power-Con is the Masters of the Universe / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Thundercats convention, run by many folks that anyone familiar with and the Roast Gooble podcast would know. It happened over this past weekend, the Horsemen were there, of course, and they brought goodies!

power-lords-power-soldier-figure-2013-power-con-edition-3 power-lords-elite-power-soldier-figure-2013-power-con-edition-3

First up are their Power Lords exclusives, the Power Soldier (black) and the stormtrooper-like Elite Power Soldier (white). These figures are 4″ tall and sell for $10, which is a better price than I expected for these figures and is competitive with mass market 4″ figures. I’m not sure whether that will be the standard price for the regular Power Lords figures – only time will tell. Both figures will also be made available at the Four Horsemen shop sometime today.

As previously reported, the Power Lords figures will be fully compatible with Glyos, as well.

At Power-Con, the Horsemen also auctioned off three MOTU-inspired repaints of their upcoming Gothitropolis Raven figures, based on Zoar, Screeech and Glory Bird:


On Friday, the Horsemen also unveiled their Pink Flamingo variant of the Raven:


Over at, the Horsemen revealed three variants of Poe-favorite Sydot. While Sydot the Supreme was the good-guy scientist of Power Lords, these figures have a decidedly sinister look to them:


Finally, the Horsemen unveiled their Power Lords Fan Club. There are three tiers, all with different incentives.

TRIGORE LEVEL ($20.00, plus s&h)
– Power Lords mini poster/print created by fan favorite Nathan Baertch
– Power Lords logo sticker
– Power Lords Fan Club plastic, numbered membership card
– Subscription to the Power Lords Fan Club e-mail newsletter
– Priority Power Purchasing (access to purchase items 48 hours before the general public)
– Exclusive access to future Power Lords Fan Club incentives.

POWER SHIP LEVEL ($60.00, plus s&h)
– Includes everything in the Trigore Level, plus…
– 10% discount on all Power Lords purchases through Store Horsemen
– Power Lords t-shirt with Ggripptogg image designed by fan favorite Nathan Baertsch
– Exclusive Power Lords Fan Club only Ggrabbtargg figure

VOLCAN ROCK LEVEL ($100.00, plus s&h)
Includes everything in the Trigore & Power Ship Levels, plus…
– Ultimate Edition Barlowe Tribute Ggripptogg figure signed by Power Lords designer & creator – Wayne Barlowe, and by the members of Four Horsemen Design
– Ggripptogg mini poster/print signed by Power Lords designer & creator – Wayne Barlowe, and by the members of Four Horsemen Design

The Four Horsemen seem to be going in big with Power Lords. I’m curious to see how well it pays off. There are a few different groups of collectors who are going to be interested in these figures:

  • Power Lords fans. I suspect this will be one of the smallest groups of collectors for this line, because honestly, how many of you would call yourself a Power Lords fan? As fond as I was of the original toys that I had, I would probably be hard-pressed to call myself a “fan,” since I largely forgot about them for decades.
  • Glyos fans. This will be this line’s bread-and-butter, at least at first. In terms of looking less like an independent operation and more like something you’d find in a store, the Armorvor was a step up for Glyos, but the Power Lords represent another level entirely. Seeing what Glyos customizers can do with these figures – and how well they sell, which of course remains to be seen – could lead other toy manufacturers to consider licensing the Glyos fit function. It’s a (cheap?) way to add value to almost any action figure.
  • 3.75″/4″ collectors. This includes Star Wars, Marvel Universe and G.I. Joe collectors. I would imagine they all might be ready for something new. If the Horsemen can get the word out (and if the figures look good next to these lines), the 4″ scale could prove to a major asset.

For me, the 4″ scale thing is tough. I just don’t collect toys in the 4″ scale (though since my Star Wars renaissance began, my resolve has been weakening a bit in that regard). That said, I think I’m going to pick up the two Power Soldiers to see how they feel in-hand.


Pic of the Day > Jason Voorhes by sir_winger


Pic of the Day > Woody Got a Cam by TheOneCam


  1. I was really bummed I missed out on them. It was the sale time – I was walking to the subway, and by 5:01pm I couldn't see the "add to cart" link on my phone. I went underground, came up ten minutes later, added both to my cart but by the time I hit the order button, the black one was sold out. I didn't really want just the white one, particularly with the added shipping cost.

    The Horsemen should get one of those systems that reserves stock for a limited time during the order process.

    That said, I don't expect this will be a common occurrence, at least not with the standard figures. There will be many, many more figures produced for the regular line.

    • Bigbot

      Does any company that sells merchandise do that besides ticket selling services? I wish all these online stores did, but it seems none do.

    • clark

      I'm excited that the 4H are going back into production on these figures. Preorders will be open for 72 hours starting this Thursday.

  2. Misterbigbo

    Buying Mattel and Glyos for a while has taught me to haunt sales pages, F5 like a maniac, and hate myself for missing drops. I've either been conditioned to the new reality of collecting or I'm a junky.

  3. Misterbigbo

    They're up for sale now

  4. Dex1138

    I don't really remember Power Lords but those 4" inch figures look damn nice. And considering the toy aisles current price on similar sized figures is the same, I have no problem picking up a couple.

  5. ridureyu

    I seriously can't wait for Arkus…

  6. Misterbigbo

    Today’s Power Lords sale will be interesting. The black and white Scarabus variants sat for a little while and they were slightly more limited than these. I have to think with the recent Kickstarter success that these two figures will sell fast. I hope to get a few, but doubt it.

    I think you might also want to add a category of potential buyers: people who appreciate good figural art, which these are. The proportions are just awesome and the lines clean. They are pretty all on their own. I hated power lords as a kid, but will get some of these, thanks to the excellent FHM work.

    • You're right on with this. Barlowe is a pretty popular artist on his own, let alone since Avatar and Harry Potter (Pacific Rim too!) and I saw a lot of non-toy people getting pretty excited when they were announced.

      Power Lords have been a thing with many in the japanese/vinyl crowd for a few years now and I hope these won't be too tough to get or scalped. I really love the originals and these being 4" are must-buys for me.

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