A major QC error on Star Wars Black Darth Maul (and how to avoid it)

So I was opening my SWB figures for the upcoming SWB review week (starts a week from today), and I discovered the weirdest thing on my Darth Maul. It appears that the factory accidentally attempted to put two hinge discs into one of the ankles. One of the hinges literally crosses the other one. In my case, there’s an extraneous left-to-right hinge that cuts through the forward-and-back hinge. This means the foot can move in an unnatural left-to-right way, but not forward to back.

While this doesn’t appear to be endemic to Darth Maul, it has appeared on more than just my figure. Fwoosh user Moldie13 also had this problem, and took a photo of it:


So, so weird. Anyway, there may be a way to see this error in package – check his feet and make sure they’re both pointing forward normally. If one toe is pointing down, chances are it has this error. My Maul’s right foot is forever en pointe. I’m returning my Darth Maul to exchange for a new one.


Poe’s Point > Lou Scheimer, 1928-2013


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  1. Just an update…my replacement Maul did not have the foot issue. Phew!

  2. Bigbot

    That is just bizarre. Reminds me of Fringe when two counterparts from both universes would merge together.

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