Figma announces 6″ Indiana Jones from Raiders (with head sculpt from Crystal Skull)


Figma will be producing a 6″ (well, roughly 6″), fully articulated Indiana Jones. While this will easily be the most articulated Indiana Jones in any under-12″ scale to date. CollectionDX notes that the figure comes with the small golden idol from Raiders, the trinket from Temple of Doom, the Holy Grail from The Last Crusade, and the face of Harrison Ford from The Crystal Skull. Okay, I added that last one, but – yikes. Let’s hope they fix that before the release.

I have mixed feelings about Figmas. They’re not really 6″ figures – more like 5″-5½”. I love the scads of articulation and accessories, but the style seems to work best for cartoonish characters like Link from Zelda or robotic characters like Iron Man or Robocop. Their “realistic” figures end up looking too soft and cartoonish. That said, I’d still get this figure if they improve the head sculpt (or if it looks better in production). If not, I’ll have to pass.

See more photos here. Coming March 2013 for 4,800 yen ($49).


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  1. ibchristian74

    If they do some lipo on his jowls and give this sculpt an eye lift, great. Otherwise, this will remind me how bad KOTCS sucked with geriatric Indy staring at me. How can you give his body sculpt that of a fit Temple of Doom Indy with an old man face?

    Plus the Sankara Stone looks like a pill. I would almost rather see a painted up version that looks like its glowing from within….but I will probably still buy it if they come out with a decent villain…

  2. this may be what pops my figma cherry!

  3. They don't have a consistent scale so he may very well end up being 6". I heard the Space Pirate Cobra they put out was legit Marvel Legends sized.

    • Bigbot

      I have that Cobra in a box somewhere, and he was shorter than Guts. Guts is about 6" tall, maybe a bit taller.

  4. StG

    Man, why does that sankara stone look exactly like a Nexium?

  5. stack32

    If the sculpt comes out looking like that I might be satisfied. Sure, it's definitely an older Ford, but it looks much more like him than any sculpt I can think of. Given Figma's track record I'm surprised they managed it.

  6. lanerb

    Simple answer to the headsculpt- frankenstein it with Black Series Han's headsculpt.

  7. dayraven

    you didn't just call the sankara stone a trinket, did you? KALI MA! KALI MA!!

  8. Doctor Mako

    I've honestly never seen a Harrison Ford sculpt that captures his face in the same way that say, the average Hot Toys figure does. Can anyone think of any?

  9. clark

    Well, damn. Figma tried their best to get my money with their robocop figure, alas I was able to resist. They then offered Iron Man to tempt me, but ultimately failed. Now they have come again, more relentless than ever. My willpower is waning, and I fear what may occur when this figure becomes available to purchase.

    • DBZmetaldude2

      This figures is definitely a "Shut up and take my money" setup for me. Might as well indulge the way these things sell so quickly lol.

  10. Harrison Ford's likeness always seems to be notoriously difficult to capture. I can really see Ford in this, but I think you're dead on, though that it is an older Ford. I wonder what they used as reference material? Honestly, it really does look like someone photoshopped a current Ford's facial features onto the picture.

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