Joe Amaro’s Hover Disc!

Do your Evil Warriors find themselves looking up helplessly as Stratos soars off into the blue? Do you find your stormtroopers’ aim a bit too good and think they need the challenge of balancing on a gravity-defying disc while pursuing their foes? Then you need Joe Amaro’s patented Hover Disc!*

The secret to the Hover Disc are its three Oppositive Graviton Hemispheres, which negate the very force of gravity itself! Choose from two stylish colors, gray or black. Optional foot straps keep you safe and secure as you soar through the sky.**

Available November 2013 for a mere $20 apiece, Joe Amaro’s Hover Discs will guarantee your troops’ total victory!***


*Patent pending.

**Foot straps not yet an option.

***Total victory not guaranteed.


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Pic of the Day > Get Away From Her! by MCcustoms

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  1. PresidentJuggernaut

    Slap a metallic paint job on that thing and I can see myself posing my (eventual) Black Series 6" Vader on one of those disks for sure.

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