NECA posts update on Pacific Rim series three featuring Cherno Alpha, Coyote Tango, and Trespasser (Axe-head)


First off, NECA’s second series of Pacific Rim figures, featuring battle-damaged Gypsy Danger, Leatherback and Striker Eureka, is hitting stores now. You can find them at Amazon, BigBadToyStore, and Entertainment Earth.

Second, NECA posted some much-awaited updates regarding series three. It looks like the fan-favorite Cherno Alpha will have plenty of articulation, as will Coyote Tango and kaiju Trespasser (a.k.a. Axe-head). NECA clearly heard fans’ disappointment with the articulation on the first series (and possibly the second, since it was already in development, though I have yet to see those in person), and has rectified the issues accordingly.

Photos after the jump. I cannot wait for that Cherno Alpha…



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  1. Reach08

    Oh man I can not wait for these, I own the complete series 2 (my fav being Striker Erueka) and let me tell you they completely destroyed series 1 out of the water; the articulation, the hight of Leatherback, the paint, just everything.y only grip is I wish Gipsys swords were compadable with series 1 Gipsy (looking for Knife head and Crimson Typoon) but that’s it. I do wish they added a bit more articulation on Gipsy but no cigar. Loved the movie, and love the toys, can NOT wait for series 3 although I wish we got an Otachi instead of Axe Head

  2. Bring on the Russian love. I want that Series 3 Cherno so bad. Here's hoping we also get an 18" one as well.

  3. knoted

    I loved all the whining which echoed after wave 1. Except for Knifehead, wave 1 was exactly what I expected out of a new movie merchandise line. Especially within the context of those constraints, it delivered satisfaction and value to me. Sure, things could be better, but at exactly that MSRP, Gipsy Danger & Crimson Typhoon don't disappoint. In fact, both of them stand on my desk in some really good poses.
    Things are looking even better for wave 3 and it looks like Axehead's engineering is a scaled down version
    of 18" Knifehead.

  4. dayraven

    being one of those who felt beyond burned by series 1, i don't know if this is too little, too late, but it likely is. that said, IF i dip my toes back into this line, coyote tango MFers… coyote tango.

    as i've said before though, i know my perceptions of the PR stuff were warped by finding dutch on the same day my package w/ them arrived… i had literally some of the best work NECA ever did to compare them too right in my hand on my table as i unboxed the pac rim stuff. that said, i still think they were a botch.

    • As I said in my reviews, it was clear NECA did not put as much production resources into the first series, and again, I understand why – it was totally unclear how popular Pacific Rim was going to be, and they'd been burned by Prometheus, which probably seemed like a much better bet compared to PR (Alien franchise and all).

      But they'll (probably) win me back entirely with that Cherno Alpha. Let's hope they revisit the series one characters down the road.

    • dayraven

      that would be lovely. crimson was so close to a perfect figure that it hurt… and knifehead was solid, but not awesome. gipsy was almost painfully bad. we'll see… i will definitely be awaiting your reviews before deciding whether or not to invest. i love letting you bite the bullet for me. 🙂

    • MikefrMd

      Any Idea when Series 3 will be released?

      I have the first two sets.

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