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Hey toy fans!

We have lowered the prices on dozens of items, and added some really

awesome stuff to our “Bargain Bin”.

Snag some great deals on GI Joe Retaliation, Star Wars Black, Spiral Zone,
Ninja Turtles, Marvel Legends, Transformers, and much more!

GI Joe Retaliation figures start at $2.50. Star Wars Black staring at
$7.50! Dont pass these deals up!

For you retro fans, we have added the new Alien Re-Action figures to our
pre-order list. These figures are based on plans and sculpts that were set
to release with the original Aliens movie. How cool is that?

New to Nerd Rage Toys are Stone Protectors and Extreme Ghostbusters. These
are two awesome lines you wont want to miss out on!Also, the Walking Dead Merle and Daryl Dixon 2 Packs are now IN-STOCK!.
Get them while they last!

And for those of you that dont like paying with Pay-Pal, we have now added
the option to pay with your credit card.

Stone Protectors

Trolls that kick butt? How could you not want these?

Extreme Ghostbusters

The next evolution in ghost-busting. This was truly and awesome, and
short-lived line of toys!

Bargain Bin!

Check out the Bargain Bin for some killer deals on Star Wars, GI Joe,
Captain Power, Spiral Zone, Ghostbutsers, Marvel Legends, and more!!


Check out our latets Pre-Orders so Star Wars Black, Walking Dead,
TMNT, and more!

Walking Dead

To say this series is a hit would be an understatement. Buy these figures,
and be the cool kid on the block!

Star Wars Black

3.75″ & 6″ figures now available. Buy a set, a case, or individuals!

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Check out the rest of the great lines we have to offer.


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