three and a quarter

Thanks to a renewed interest in Star Wars (via SWB) and the advent of the Four Horsemen’s very, very cool Power Lords figures, I am in terrible danger of tumbling down the 3.75″ rabbit hole. Let’s hope I can resist, because there’s an awful lot of stuff from the ’80s that would be very appealing and relatively cheap…


Pic of the Day > Masters of the Universe Classics – Batros by Ed Speir IV


Toy Aisle Trolls > [Insert Wolverine/Logan/Biggs Darklighter pun here]


  1. shenanitims

    I think this post should technically be called "Three and Three Quarters."

  2. Just keep telling yourself 6-inch scale (or thereabouts) is the "proper" scale. I was buying a lot of 3 3/4 for a while, on top of other stuff, and it was like fighting a war on two fronts…

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