Yet another toy blog posting the new photos of Star Wars Black 2014 Series 1 (a.k.a. Series 3)

There are way too many toy blogs these days. I can show you these hi-res photos of Star Wars Black 6″ Series 3, which were leaked nearly a week ago anyway and have already been posted everywhere. The challenge is finding a way to make MY posting of these photos unique enough to warrant clicking on it as opposed to other sites. I don’t think I’m up to it.

Anyway, these are taken from images for retailers. Most people have been calling this the third series of 6″ Star Wars Black, but Hasbro evidently considers it Series 1 of 2014. Whatever floats your boat, Hasbro! There’s no image of Anakin Skywalker, hopefully because they’re re-sculpting his head. [UPDATE: Apparently Anakin will be part of the second 2014 series. So 2013 series 1 will just be Bespin Luke, Obi-Wan and the Stormtrooper. I suspect they’ll double-up on stormtroopers in each case because if the sandtroopers are any indication, they’ll sell like crazy.]


The head sculpt on Luke looked much better in prototype. Now it looks like they re-sculpted him in mid-“That’s impossible!” face, which seems like kind of a weird choice.


Since I’d lay odds on the Tatooine Luke having a “pensive / staring at the twin suns” face, it seems we’re going to have to wait for the black Jedi outfit to get “badass face” Luke.

Also – we still can’t tell from the photos, but that hand has to be removable, right? Right? Bueller?


Hey! It’s Obi-Wan Kenobi from Revenge of the Sith! Yay? I haven’t watched The Clone Wars, but my impression is that this could also stand as a sort of “standard” Obi-Wan from that time period, albeit in realistic rather than CGI style. He’s kind of cool, I guess, if lacking in accessories.

Also, that snarl on the image in the upper right of the package is just plain goofy. Looks like Chief Brody in JAWS when he’s making faces at his son.


Now we’re talking! I’ll be getting at least two of these. He comes with an extra rifle – the one that didn’t come with the Sandtrooper. He looks great in the SWB packaging – in fact, I’d say it almost seemed designed for him.


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  1. Adam

    I think the Luke head SCULPT is fine, but its the damn paint job that destroys it. The eyes are horrible! They look like he's stoned out of his mind, I mean look how huge the pupils are. And the shape of the eyes is weird. I covered up the eyes and holy shit the lower face actually looks alright (not perfect, but good) its just those eyes.

  2. Mark

    The Bespin Luke's headsculpt looks a lot better than the one shown in pictures previously, IMO. I'll pick him up because he's my second favorite look from the movies and my Pilot Luke's lightsaber snapped.

  3. Mark

    I thought the first head sculpt was bad looking but this one looks even less like Luke in ESB.

  4. Bigbot

    I think Ewan McGregor is shown upset because his likeness is still being used for those movies, and will continue to be used until the end of time.

  5. Doctor Mako

    Oh god I've been able to resist so far but 6" Stormtroopers are… I don't even know how to describe how cool they freaking are.

  6. clark

    Cool. I'm sure there are a lot of toy blogs out there that have posted these, but I haven't seen them yet. Apparently I don't hang around the cool toy blogs, so I appreciate you posting them here so I can see what I'm missing by not buying these figures (I will get that Storm Trooper though).

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