BIG NEWS: Funko to produce 6″ scale “Legacy” action figure line


I was going to add this to today’s Odds ‘n Ends, but it deserves its own post.

Via Brian Marriotti, president of Funko, on the Funko Fanatic:

Dear Funatics:

Freddy Funko has been a busy be lately. We announced our Re-Action line of Alien figures which should be shipping from Funko’s warehouses in the next 2-3 weeks!

We also dropped some hints on some pretty cool licenses like Firefly, Universal Monsters, Back to the Future, Goonies, Terminator 1 & 2, Predator, The Rocketeer, Nightmare B4 Christmas, Escape from New York, Pulp Fiction, Buffy the Vampire Slayers(TV), Star Trek Classic and many many more.

But what you don’t know is that Funko is also announcing a 6″ Premium line called Legacy that will be revealed at Toy Fair NYC with 2 Major license announcements and a few cult classics as well. I mean 2 MAJOR license announcements!

This line will be very much similar in style and accuracy and points of articulation as the Hasbro 6″ Black Series of Star Wars. Some fun eclectic lines will be produced as well like my personal favorite Fantastic Mr Fox!

So keep an eyed peeled for our announcements you this section of the Funko Funatic Forum to discuss the two new action figure series!

So – WOW. This is, potentially, huge news. It’s like if Shocker Toys was real. A new 6″ toy line based on some of those licenses listed above? Does this mean I might have a Star Wars Black-style Mal Reynolds to hang out with Han Solo? Could that really happen?

I suppose the question hinges on what “some fun eclectic lines” turns out to mean. Some of these licences have current action figure lines at other companies, such as Universal Monsters (Diamond Select), Terminator (NECA), Predator (NECA), and Star Trek Classic (Diamond Select). Still, one can hope. A realistic 6″ Rocketeer? Dare we dream?

(Hat tip to Action Figure Fury.)


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  1. Cristina

    They are making Game of Thrones action figures as part of this line! Announced on the funkofunatic forum last night (unofficially) and they are up for presale (no pics) on Cannot wait!

  2. wow, i'm excited to hear about 6" figures in general from a company these days. but yeah, hopefully they don't jazwares out on it. one of the main things that keeps me from buying any of the POP figures is the crappy paint. but i think i'd lose my mind if they managed to release actual game of thrones figures and not the unarticulated plastic statues dark horse is putting out.

    • Game of Thrones seems like a good guess for one of the "two major announcements," although by "good guess" I mean "something that would be major" and not something I necessarily think is all that likely.

      Still, GoT would be the strongest license Funko could possibly get for the debut of their 6" line.

    • yeah, i don't know how likely it is, but funko has pretty much EVERY license imaginable for their POP vinyls, so it's fun to speculate which ones they've managed to finagle into a 6" line…

  3. 6" Rocketeer? Oh yes yes yes please!!

    Then give me some 6" Labyrinth figures 😀

  4. Bigbot

    When is Toy Fair? Any chance to purchase more 6" lines is welcome.

    • Toy Fair is in mid-February. I never go, because it falls on some important family-related dates, but I'll be doing armchair coverage as usual.

    • Bigbot

      You did go several years ago though, didn't you? Or was that NYCC?

    • I did go to toy Fair in 2011, but it looks like that will likely be a one-time event.

  5. NemoEight

    I am ALWAYS excited when a new company comes into the action figure fold, especially one with the Nerd-Cred that Funko has. That said… their QC is infamously terribly… However, FANTASTIC MR. FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I'm hoping Super7 is somehow involved with these. If so, perhaps that will help with the QC situation somewhat.

    • NemoEight

      Indeed, and that they specifically site a comparison line as to 'what to expect' bodes well too. Price will be very interesting, though… do I want Serenity figures? Hell yes! Do I want $30-a-figure want them… probably not.

    • Poe

      Well, the first thing Funko did when they partnered up with Super7 for the ReAction figures was lower the price by $5. Maybe they can spread the cost for the licenses out over the entire line.

      That said, again, the licenses are key here. I’m not buying any Fantastic Mr. Fox figures. I’m very curious to see which licenses they actually got.

      That said – it would be pretty damned badass if Funko gave us the 6″ BTTF figures that Mattel swore up and down weren’t feasible.

    • Gave us a five dollar price reduction AND included an extra figure if you pre-ordered at full price. That was pretty BA

    • NemoEight

      I totally agree with the price reduction being great (OR the free figure in exchange) but we're still talking about $15 for a 3 3/4" figure with 5 points of articulation, minimal deco and accessories and no likeness rights…

      I'm fully on board with with this line right now, but we'll see what the licenses are and SRP is come February.

    • Oh, I totally agree it's a wait-and-see situation. I'm willing to drop quite a bit of money for SWB-style Firefly figures, but they've got to look good (I'd be willing to go $25; if it's $30 apiece, I'd cherry-pick). Same goes for the Rocketeer, BttF and Goonies.

    • NemoEight

      BttF figures are essentially my only NICD toys, but I can't for a moment imagine Mattel giving up any of their rights to them or anything ever. The retro figures are probably happening purely because they are 4" and don't compete with any of Mattel's potential SKUs.

    • Unfortunately, Mattel's license does cover both figures and toy vehicles, but perhaps after three years Universal can restructure the deal and pull figures out of it, since Mattel has been vocal about the fact they can't make figures work budget-wise (although they clearly love doing the vehicles).

      And if Funko can do the retro 4" figures, then clearly the Mattel deal doesn't include all possible instances of action figures.

    • Also, I would have guessed a SWB-style Rocketeer would outrank BttF toys for you…

    • ferris

      Seriously, if only Funko and Jazwares could fix their horrible QC. A Fantastic Mr Fox line from pretty much any other company would have me so excited.

    • Jazwares does have bad QC on some (not necessarily all, from my experience) of its lines, but for me the issue with Jazwares is design. No one there really cares about the toys. When you can't hold on to great toy designers like Joe Amaro and David Vonner, clearly you're doing something very wrong. From what I've heard through the grapevine, the upper management at Jazwares views making toys the same way they'd view making toilet seat lids. That shows in their cheap-as-possible toy design – the lack of biceps swivels on their Space Ghost, when those had clearly been originally designed as part of the figure, was awful.

      They've got great licenses – it pains me to see Regular Show and Adventure Time stuck in Jazwares purgatory. It's unfair that great companies like Palisades and Resaurus go bankrupt trying to give us great products while Jazwares thrives on providing sub-standard fare.

    • ferris

      You're right, the weirdly placed and lacking articulation is as annoying as the paint and plastic quality for Jazwares. The Funko stuff I've been bothered by was more strictly QC.

      I actually bought an Adventure Time Christmas ornament the other day, even though I don't put up a tree, just to have a well-made 3D representation of Finn and Jake in some form.

  6. Mark

    I wish they could do some 6" Thundercats (OS).

  7. Longbowhunter

    I have NEVER understood why theres not more Firefly merch. Yes its a cancelled series,but the fandom is there and it is fanatical. 6 inch Firefly figures on par with the SW Black line is a license to print cashy money.

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