Game of Thrones for Funko Legacy…confirmed?


Happy Thanksgiving, all!

I’m heading out to celebrate with my family, but before I leave I thought I’d mention this little news tidbit. As I mentioned yesterday, Game of Thrones has been rumored as one of the licenses in Funko’s upcoming 6″, realistically-style “Legacy” action figure line. But I hadn’t found any hints of official confirmation…until now. And it is a hint, but given that it comes from the president of Funko, it seems pretty promising.

From the Funko Fanatic forums:

Blanka wrote:
Can we get some hints as to what’s going to be happening with the Legacy line? I mean, those two major licenses can’t just wait until February! Build the anticipation now! 🙂

Look, Winter is Coming…so maybe more hints then!

It seems pretty safe for GoT fans to get excited. Personally, I’d recommend waiting to see the figures. Funko has a lot of fun products out there, but no track record on realistically-sculpted articulated figures, whose collectors are notoriously hard to please. I’ve got my fingers crossed.


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  1. Have to agree with the above, and Poe's "wait and see" approach. It's tough to not get excited about these though, and I can imagine fans who also collected Toy Biz's LOTR line to be through the roof!

  2. stack32

    They also have no track record of anything even approaching quality control. I'm pretty sure the factory has never set aside a POP because it looked too bad.

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