Odds ‘n Ends > Glyos & Power Lords drops, Funko Legacy rumors


  • The final Glyos wave of 2013 is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, December 1st at 9:30PM EST.
  • The Four Horsemen’s sale of the Power Lords: Slate Zone Soldier & Slate Zone Elite will begin on Monday, December 2nd at 3pm EST on Store Horsemen and for the first 48 hours it will ONLY be open to Power Lords Fan Club members. Sales for non-Power Lords Fan Club members will begin at 3pm on December 4th IF any stock remains after the first 48 hours.
  • I’m working with NoisyDvL5 of ItsAllTrue on a fun holiday project. It’s a bit last-minute, so hopefully we’ll be able to pull it together. If we do, I think you’ll like it.
  • Rumored licenses for Funko’s 6″ Legacy Line: Game of Thrones, a Whedonverse line or two, and The X-Files (although only The X-Files has been “officially” hinted at by someone at Funko). The GoT hint allegedly came from Popcultcha, who – again, allegedly – had the following figures up for pre-order, according to Funko Fanatic poster arjybarjy: “The Hound, White Walker, Tyrion Lannister, Ned Stark, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow up for preorder, due in February 2014. They vary in size from 5″ for Tyrion to 8″ for The Hound and White Walker figs.” I couldn’t find them on Popcultcha, so either they got pulled or were never there in the first place (or…I just couldn’t find them). So like that Star Wars Black list from a couple of weeks back, consider this pure rumor-mongering for now.


Pic of the Day > Saber zero and her motored cuirassier by sir_winger


Pic of the Day > Scythe by ridureyu


  1. Brian at Funko hinted at the GoT figures as well, he was asked what licenses were coming and replied "Look, Winter is Coming..so maybe more hints then!"

  2. Jester

    I wish they'd just get on with Adam Power and the normal Power Soldier. I'm not particularly interested in these barely-painted variants.

    • I want Arkus!

    • Poe

      I like the Elite Soldier variants, since they work as actual characters. The DayGlo NYCC colorways of Ggripptogg are a bit less interesting to me.

      I agree, though, I’m looking forward to the “Infinity editions.” I suppose this isn’t that different from their strategy with the Outer Space Men.

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