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  • Amazon is having a sale on Star Wars Black (6″ and 3.75″). While I’d obviously prefer you buy them via my commissions link, I feel obligated to mention that other stores like Target will match Amazon’s prices if you show them to the cashier.
  • Tamashii has (finally) solicited the first of their awesome effects sets for 6″ figures. First up is the anime-style “impact crater,” which will be great for figures like Superman or Hulk. Personally I’m waiting for the fire and explosions sets, which should look good with Star Wars Black. BBTS already has them (gray, beige) and Amazon probably will too. (Via TNI)
  • Mattycollector is having an oddly complicated “7 Days of Cyber Monday” sale that neither starts nor ends on a Monday.
  • And since waiting for the Friday after Thanksgiving to start Black Friday sales is so 1993, here’s BBTS’s big sale.



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  1. Thanks for the heads-up Poe! Bought myself an R2 for a reasonable price.

  2. Hmm. I just ordered another Battlefield Teela and a Palace Guards two-pack. I don't know if either of those would make it to Monday, and total with postage was still cheaper than the Guards regular price, so it still feels like a deal.

    By the way, get Elasti-Girl! I love her.

  3. Mysterious Stranger

    I finally bit on that 6" SWB Artoo. I've been eyeing it for a while but haven't felt the urge to pull the trigger at retail. But for $9.99 (with free Prime shipping) I couldn't resist. I used the link in the paragraph above so hopefully that gets you credit for the sale.

  4. I really don't need those effects . . . but I sure want them.

  5. dayraven

    americanhyena might be onto something here poe… a dude getting force tossed into a wall would look pretty fly…

    regarding the matty sale… that is the most f%^ked up sale scenario i've heard of in some time. i apprently have to spend a big chunk of my monday camped in front of my computer HOPING that the item i want goes on sale, and then i should check in every day for 8 days? it's like a reverse hannukah miracle…

    • AmericanHyena

      Which item is it you need?

      Personally I’m willing to wager that one of the two mystery Secret Six items is Spirit of Hordak.

      I’m waiting til Monday to see if they knock anything further off. I’ve looked at what’s available on Early Access and there’s nothing I desperately need. I’m wiling to try the new flight stands and pick up some more snake mount stands if they’re pretty heavily discounted. Same goes for Lead, Elastigirl and Constatine (the only Infinite Earths figures up so far.)

    • dayraven

      i'm hoping (crossing my fingers) that the snake troopers go back up… and i might snag an extra regular he-man, depends on how on sale the snake troopers are… or if. but i have a life, and won't be tied to my computer all day, no matter how much i want them. i'll check in once or twice, and if i get lucky, great, if not, oh well. this scenario they have painted for us all is just a joke.

    • Dark Angel

      No, you camp out out for five days prior to Monday (today was open to subscribers only) and gamble on whether the things you want will last long enough on the initial sale to go on even better sale next Monday.


      Got it?


      Yeah, it's a custerfluck.

  6. AmericanHyena

    You don’t think the crater effects would work with all those Force-wielding Jedi? :-p

    Not that I’m trying to persuade you or anything.

    (I’m totally trying to persuade you.)

  7. Mysterious Stranger

    The Tamashii effects craters are already up on BBTS. $17.99 a pop I believe.

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