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I used to love taking photos for my reviews. It was exciting. I started out just taking them on my desk, then started to get concerned about things like lighting, so I made a custom light tent out of a cardboard box and some tissue paper. Eventually I got a real light tent and a nicer camera. And yet, for whatever reason, somewhere along the way I stopped enjoying taking photos. I tend to find the process tedious nowadays.

I have a few different ideas why this might be the case, but the main one is: what is the point, tell me, WHAT IS THE POINT when TheFwoosh.com‘s MatthewK is doing crap like THIS?

Or this?

And then there’s this:

See that shot? I was planning to take that exact same shot. Same pose for Han, same angle, same framing, everything. Now, to be honest, my idea for that shot came from this one I took years ago, and Matthew admitted my pic led him to track down the computer console set (which is from Diamond Select’s deluxe Malcolm Reed figure for their Star Trek: Enterprise line).

Kronis, Space Pirate

But whatever. He beat me to it, and did it a hundred times better than I would have. It’s brutal. It’s demoralizing.

And that’s to say nothing of the work of Ed Speir IV, Monte, Ridureyu, Jova Cheung, splittyhead, or any of the other talented action figure photographers out there. I get tired just thinking about the effort that must go into their work.

I know photography is not my forte. Writing is, to the extent that I have any forte. That’s why I write long prologues and digressions in my reviews and sometimes write them as interviews and sometimes add little bits of flash fiction and other weird stuff. I could write the scene that’s going on there between Han and Luke in Matthew’s post, but I could never shoot it. He’s an amazing photographer and an equally amazing diorama creator.

And that’s why I hate MatthewK.

[Not really. I’m just incredibly jealous.]


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  1. dayraven

    don't let him get you down poe… his pics are so good they suck. you're pics are so bad, they're awesome… wait…

  2. Matt K

    Thanks for the kind words, gentlemen. It's always nice to be recognized for my efforts.

  3. Izdawiz

    Yup, Matt K is amazing. There are others out there who might be able to create a few images of comparable quality, but his images always tell a compelling story and the scope and breadth of his output is amazing.

  4. His work inspires me to do better all the time. He’s even given me some tips before, for which I am grateful.

    The best I can say about mine is, practice has taught me how to do things, and what works and what does not. I also try to work with comparatively limited resources, such as the same backdrop pieces shuffled around like a jigsaw puzzle. But note how the level of quality on my flickr page has changed over time – practice, just like anything else!

    Ad then we’ve got this article from February, which I should redo with new pictures: http://nerditis.com/2013/02/22/life-in-plastic-how-to-take-good-toy-photos-without-spending-any-money/

  5. Agreed. He’s surely made a deal with the devil.

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