Reminder: Mordles on sale tonight!


Just a reminder, the next Mordles drop is tonight at 9pm ET at the ToyFinity store. This drop will include:

  • Zintar Explorer Mordle (a single brown Mordle with bright green highlights)
  • Sect of Rand (red with black highlights)
  • Underworld (black with teal highlights)
  • Imbalance of Blood Mordle (jumbo red with yellow highlights Mordle, seen above)

The jumbo Mordle is a ton of fun, and at $15 it’s pretty reasonably priced for an indie toy of this size and quality.

Here’s the official press release:

In 1985, the classic obscure Ideal Toys property ROCKS AND BUGS AND THINGS cemented itself into the minds of 1980s children with gruesome box art and a play pattern involving the consumption of the mischievous Mordles figures. In June 2013, Toyfinity Toys brought back the Mordles with a vengeance, successfully launching a reproduction of the original ten Mordles with improved plastic and paint applications in six brand new editions.

And now, the Mordles are back for a second course. After a successful debut to New York Comic Con attendees and Club Mordle members, Toyfinity Toys presents four all-new Mordles products for sale to the general public:

  • the SECT OF RAND Edition, bringing back the classic red Mordle color with all-new black paint apps for extra demonic presence! Also features the character of RAND.
  • the UNDERWORLD Edition, making black Mordles available for the first time!
  • the EXPLORER Edition, introducing ZINTAR THE EXPLORER MORDLE, a key character in the Mordles mythology.

– and finally, the IMBALANCE OF BLOOD Edition, featuring the debut of the all-new JUMBO MORDLE. When RAND consumes other Mordles, he grows to titanic size! Clocking in at just under four inches, this vinyl figures features three pieces and is 100% compatible with the vinyl figures sold by Onell Design as part of the GLYOS SYSTEM ( series of toys.

The Sect of Rand and Underworld Editions each contain a set of ten Mordles, available at an all-new lower price point of $10 per pack!

The Explorer Edition contains one single-pack Mordle, and is available for $1.

And the Imbalance of Blood Edition is just $15.

Another Toyfinity Toys franchise, ROBO FORCE, had a successful debut at NYCC, with the online allotment of the Genesis Edition selling out within three minutes last month.

With a redesign by Matt Doughty and featuring 100% official Glyos compatibility, the new Robo Force kit provides fans a 41 piece kit that can be reconfigured into dozens of unique robots including the classic Robo Force characters MAXX ZERO, HUN-DRED, SENTINEL THE PROTECTOR, and ENEMY.

The next two editions will debut this December, exclusively at

In the meantime, Toyfinity Toys has debuted the all-new Robo Force comic, featuring art by Jerzy Drozd. Follow the all-new adventures of Maxx Zero and Hun-Dred at with weekly page updates.

Mordles and Robo Force are the first two franchises to see release from Toyfinity Toys. Coming in 2014 – the return of the MANGLORS!

Keep your eyes on the Toyfinity blog ( for all the newest news and updates.


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  1. What is Club Mordle? Sounds awesome!

    I just ordered the sect of Rand set. This is my first Mordles purchase so I'm pretty excited!

  2. I got mine through Club Mordle. The package was delayed because my mail carrier decided he just didn't feel like delivering any parcels toward the end of his route (his words).

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