Star Wars Black Series 3 casepack revisited

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This isn’t the most thrilling story ever, but I find it interesting so I’m following up on it.

Phil Reed of puts forth the theory that if Chewbacca is in an upcoming wave (as is rumored), Hasbro may have wanted to make sure there were Hans on the pegs when Chewie came out. It’s possible. I was ready to blame the retailers, but Phil doesn’t think they’re to blame:

I’ve personally met with buyers at the large retailers and my opinion is that these buyers are professionals and know their lines far better than many collectors seem to think. They also track sales history and keep a close eye on demand, so in my opinion the retailers may have commented on case mix, but I doubt any retailer said “Stick Han Solo in this case or no!”

I still think two Stormtroopers, or a Stormtrooper and Boba Fett, make more sense for both Hasbro and the retailer. Throw Han in the actual wave Chewie’s in.

Another possibility is that this was a last-minute decision due to yanking Anakin from the third series, and there wasn’t time to produce more Stormtroopers so they threw in Han because he was already in production at the time. That doesn’t quite work, though, because that suggests they probably could have swapped in Boba Fett instead of Han.

So…I really have no idea why this happened.


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  1. Morey13

    Is it possible that the Stormtrooper has the same neck peg/socket as Han,(unlike the Sandtrooper) and they want Han available for people who want to swap heads for Han in Stormtrooper outfit?

  2. Thinkor

    Whatever turns out to be the reason for including Han again, I just hope that Stormtroopers get to be re-released sooner than later. The Horde Trooper fiasco is still fresh (I was hoping for 10-15 and got none!) However, as others have noted Luke Pilot and R2 are in abundance at TRU (I am in Singapore) which makes me worried for the future of the line.

  3. Remember the 02′ motu case assortments? I hope this line doesn’t end because of bad case mixes.

  4. Mysterious Stranger

    They may have held back on producing more Boba Fetts to save him for when they rerelease Carbonite Han (most likely to come in a deluxe pack with Jabba). Plus technically Boba Fett has already seen 2 releases if you count the SDCC set. So putting him out a 3rd time might cause more collector ire than Han.

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