Cheap Amazon prices for Star Wars Black, Batman 1966


Amazon has some seriously cheap prices going on right now, especially if you’re a Prime subscriber (I am – between the free shipping and the Instant Videos, it’s totally worth it IMHO).

Star Wars Black 6″

Batman 1966


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  1. Went ahead and nabbed a Batman. It's worth $9 to photograph him, I suppose.

    For $5 I was gonna get Joker, too, despite his many problems. Unfortunately, he was an "Add-On" item, which is new to me, and which seems, assuming I'm not misunderstanding it, like kind of a BS deal, since Prime ostensibly provides free shipping and now they're arbitrarily sending some purchases to a Pile of Loot-style waiting list. We've been happy, like you, to be Prime customers, but this might make me reevaluate that…

    Incidentally, I clicked your link to get to the Batman. Never did that before; hope I did it right and you got the credit or however it works.

    • Yeah, I noticed the add-on thing but wasn't clear on what it meant – so wait, you absolutely can't buy this thing unless you have another $20 worth of stuff? That's absolutely bizarre. That's really only going to help the third-party sellers.

      And yet, I can't say I didn't expect something like this at some point. There was no way Amazon could sustain the Prime free shipping model as-is forever. You knew they were going to have to start forcing people to combine orders. Mailing one tiny item to someone one day, then another tiny item to the same person the next day, is a huge waste of resources.

      That said, what Amazon really should do is allow people to "warehouse" items like BBTS. Of course, for that to make any sense to the customer, they'd have to reduce the free shipping benefits of Prime, which means taking away benefits people are used to. Like trying to charge subscription fees for newspaper or magazine websites when people got used to getting them for free, that is going to be an uphill battle.

      And yes, I'll get a commission from that sale – thank you, sir!

    • Yeah, my understanding is that it's like Pile of Loot, only you have no choice in the matter. I assume they ship it as soon as you have $25 worth of stuff, but I'm not sure; I was so grumpy about it that I skipped Joker and settled for Batman.

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