Check out the 2013 Toy Review Advent Calendar!


I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! It was Thanksgiving here in the United States. Recently DMG’s parents sold their house, and they shipped a bunch of furniture and other stuff across the country to us. I got a new desk which has proven to be an excellent home for action figures, with lots of little cubbyholes for display (you can see one here).

On a whim a few days ago, I hatched an idea with NoisyDvL5 of ItsAllTrue and we quickly corralled some other toy reviews into putting together the 2013 Toy Review Advent Calendar. Every single day there will be a new review from one of the participating websites. This was all done at the very last minute, and I want to thank Noisy for putting together the website so fast, and of course, thank all of our participating websites for their reviews. While the reviews don’t have to be holiday-related, at least some of them will be.

So add to your bookmarks and be sure to check it every day through Christmas. And if you have a toy review website and are interested in participating in the calendar (particularly if you have a holiday-related figure to review), shoot me an email!


Pic of the Day > X-Files? Nah…OMFG! by chogokinjawa


Pic of the Day > Masters of the Universe Classics – Lord Dactus by Ed Speir IV


  1. I will try to review what I can, but computer replacement has destroyed my budget for the month.

  2. Advent Calendars don't have a December 25th!

    • I went and checked with the folks who created the "toy review advent calendar" and it turns out that the toy review versions do extend to 25. Who knew? 🙂

      Seriously though, some do go to 25. The ones my wife has always have. Some even go to 32!

  3. dayraven

    ever think noisy is way too adroit at setting up new web space? still, this will be fun.

    as a bit of toy chat, i would love to see a proper santa claus figure get made somewhere down the line. if you keep the design patterned on older father christmas designs, or based on saint nick, you wouldn't run into copyright issues, so it's not like there's a license holding people back. we got the unnecessarily violent mcf one several years back, but it sucked and it looked like hobo stab santa. i want a decent santa, 6 or 7 inch scale (if NECA wanted to be my santa provider, that'd be fine), something kind of traditional, yet we could include some modern twists (maybe santa comes with a GPS?) but i just feel like he's missing. and should the folks who do him decide to 2 pack him with a krampus, i'd do their next proctol exam with a lavender scented latex glove with the lights dimmed and some barry white on the ipod.

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