Joe Amaro’s Hover Disc goes on sale Monday, December 9


Joe Amaro’s Hover Disc (which I rather ebulliently described here), goes on sale this Monday, December 9 at 7 p.m. Central time. Here’s the sale page:


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  1. wally2974

    The Gray hover disc was sold out before I could buy them, so we need a second batch of Gray ones. I did wind-up buying 2 black ones, though.

  2. wally2974

    Love this concept, and the figures look great posed on them….BUT…Maybe you can clairify…..Do these only come cast in black or grey OR do they come painted for $20 Bucks, a piece? I noticed in some of the pictures that there is a green and a blue button painted, a silver wire painted and the black one or the grey one has a 2 tone paint job. Do they come painted that way? Seems kinda steep, if they don't come with the fancy-smancy paintjobs….jus' sayin'!!

    • Harrig

      it says unpainted on the link page. You get a choice of grey or black.

    • I checked with Joe, and the little buttons will come painted.

    • wally2974

      Thanks for clarifying, Poe! I think I want 1 in each color. Tell Joe we need another round of Castle Grayskull Customization Kits!!!! They were sold out before I could get neon the first go-round. 🙁

    • wally2974

      I meant….They were sold out before I could get one the first go-round. :-(…damned, modern cellular telephones with their fancy predictive text!

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