Power Lords Slate Zone figures go on sale for general public at 3pm ET


The Power Lords Slate Zone Elite and Slate Zone Soldier go on sale to the general public today at 3pm ET (it’s exclusive for Club Members until then – you could add them to your cart, but without a Power Lords Fan Club number it’ll be cancelled). Only the remaining stock after Club orders will be sold, so if you really want these make sure to get your order in as close to 3pm as possible. Order them at www.shopfourhorsemen.com.

I like the very 1970s sci-fi vibe I get off these designs, particularly in these colors.


Pic of the Day > Amduscias by ridureyu


Pic of the Day > Lupo is here … Bloodbath you shall get by sir_winger


  1. Dead Man Walking

    I got one of each of these, but I find these very underwhelming in terms of color choice compared to the first two. They just look kind bland. The lighter one kind of has a color that reminds me of brown rice. If they're going to keep doing these, let's get some red (like Crimson Guards), or blue with a silver dome (Cobra Vipers anyone), or purple. Just something more vibrant and fun.

  2. Tom

    As cool as the variants, it seems like they are never going to release the actual figures. I’d get the remakes of the old figures but the variants, while cool, just don’t hold the same weight.

    • They'll get there. But as with the Outer Space Men, the 4H need these variants to help fund the entire project – probably even more so, since the added articulation likely it cost more to produce these figures than the OSM.

  3. Misterbigbo

    I wasn't going to, but I changed my mind and picked these up; the FHM have a way of hooking me in to their variants with good color choices. I hope for the sake of the line these sell out soon, but I also hope we don't see too many more variants before we get to the core characters.

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