For the curious, my Christmas/birthday haul this year included:

I’m still trying to resist getting into 3.75″ Star Wars collecting again – I wouldn’t even be interested in Star Wars if it weren’t for the 6″ line – but as I got interested in the property again, I found myself perusing the 3.75″ offerings and finding some surprisingly nice versions of some of my favorite characters. I’m not planning to get many more, but I do like the ones I’ve picked up. And down the line I still may decide I have to have that gigantic Millennium Falcon.

I have a fondness for the Ragon character because he’s sort of like a kaiju-ized Creature from the Black Lagoon (in fact, it’s been claimed that “Ragon” is a Japanese version of the word “lagoon,” but I’m not sure that’s ever been confirmed).

I want to get the full Alien ReAction set, but I’ve got to save up a bit first after the holidays.