NECA posts paintmaster pics of Pacific Rim’s Cherno Alpha


Most fans of Pacific Rim and NECA’s toy line of said movie know the story – when NECA was developing their Pacific Rim line, Walmart at one point expressed interest in it, which resulted in some cost-cutting measures to keep the price point down to presumably make it easier for Walmart to sell the line in stores.

But that was only the case for the first two waves. Now, with wave three, NECA has promised the same quality seen in their other figure lines. And so it’s with cautious excitement I present these paintmaster pics of fan favorite Cherno Alpha, posted on Twitter by NECA yesterday.

Personally I can’t wait to get this thing in my hands.


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  1. dayraven

    poe… there's huns at the north wall…

  2. dayraven

    they posted up the coyote tango pics today too, again, beyond happy with how much better these two look than the series 1 figs. thank you NECA

  3. strongest mustache

    hell i would even buy figures of jaeger pilots, especially the cherno alpha pilots

  4. strongest mustache

    hell yes
    i also cant wait for it/she/he lol

  5. Rob

    Wal Mart showed interest?

    …Didn't exactly pan out that way did it?

  6. dayraven

    yeah, this makes me extraordinarily happy. it looks great. (i suppose as a vessel, i should defer to the nautical nomenclature and refer to cherno as "she" but i can't help it… it's a machine, so my brain wants to defer to the gender neutral pronoun. sue me)

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