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  • ItsAllTrue has been running a bunch of 2013-assessment posts, such as It’sAllTrue.net’s Top Ten Action Figures of 2013 and NoisyDvL5′s 2013 Highlights & Disappointments. Definitely worth checking out.
  • The amazing ED-209 by NECA is now in stock at Amazon.
  • CollectionDX has announced a new convention, Super Robots Giant Monster (SRGM). It will take place in Lowell, Massachusetts on March 29, and I plan to be there. Check out this page for more information. I’ll probably put up a separate post about this later.
  • Phil Reed of Battlegrip is putting together an unofficial guide to Star Wars Mini-Rigs. This is the future – extreme niche coffee table books. Frankly, I’m psyched. I love coffee table books. I fondly recall whiling away many a study period paging through The Ultimate Guitar Book…but I digress. I actually picked up two Mini-Rigs recently, the MLC-3 and the MTV-7; however, my motivation for picking them up was because I thought they would make great generic vehicles for the Alien ReAction figures. If you’re interested in learning more about the Mini-Rigs, visit your local library. Kidding! Here’s a Starwars.com article about Mini-rigs. But you should visit your local library anyway. They’re awesome. You can read books for free.
  • The 1980s animation-themed magazine Cereal:Geek has a bunch of issues up for pre-order. I’ve read an issue here and there and it’s always fun reading, if you’re into the subject matter. Which I’m guessing a good number of you are. Because you’re here. Reading this website.
  • I haven’t gotten on the Instagram bandwagon yet, but I do like the funny “toyselfie” project they’re running.
  • Alien: Isolation might be the game to persuade me to invest in a next-gen system…but I don’t know. I’m not really a big survival horror fan. I absolutely hated Doom 3 and what it did to my beloved Doom gameplay. I loved the Dead Space games, but those were pretty action-oriented (and more so as the games progressed). I had hoped for a Dead Space-like Alien game, and Isolation seems close, and yet I find the first-person perspective really disappointing (and rather outdated, frankly). I’ll wait for the reviews before making a purchase decision.
  • I don’t watch The Goldbergs, a show about the titular family set in the 1980s, because life’s too short to watch dozens of television shows. But Dinosaur Dracula has catalogued the ridiculous amount of 1980s toys that young Adam Goldberg has in his room. Holy crap, is that kid spoiled.
  • ThreeA has announced that their 2000AD line will be 1/12th scale moving forward (i.e., 6″ scale). This doesn’t matter to me per se because I’m not a 2000AD fan, but it does remind me of the painfully cool 6″ Boba Fett we will never get to have. ThreeA is the only company who does fabric in this scale that I don’t hate.


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  1. PresidentJuggernaut

    Robot/Monster show in Lowell sounds awesome. I'm only about 25 minutes away, and it's a free show, so there is no way i'll miss it.

    Until about five years ago, Newbury comics stores always a had a nice little selection of imported Godzilla toys, mostly vinyl figures and blind boxed candy toys. I suppose their supply was doomed after the Godzilla hiatus of 2004. I hope they get a good vendor turnout with plenty of Godzilla and other Japanes toys.

  2. ero

    I've really wanted to check out Cereal:Geek but I just can't get behind the pre-order/crowdsourcing of a magazine. Even for subject matter like that, it's just too much work and attention for a magazine. I wish he'd jsut take the plunge and start a subscription or produce a copy and then sell it.

  3. Bigbot

    I don't know how to react to that 3A news. Are these figures going to be readily available here through specialty shops and such, or do I need to preorder them through 3A? I've never ordered from them but my understanding was that you need to preorder their figures directly from them.

    • That's a good question, and one I thought about in regards to the prospect of a ThreeA Star Wars line (which will probably never happen – more of a thought experiment). ThreeA has never seemed particularly interested in expanding their operations, so I don't know how much market research they'll really do on the 2000AD line. But you can usually order their stuff at retailers like BBTS in addition to their website, I believe.

    • You can order through directly from ThreeA, from their Bambaland store. Some of their stuff ends up at BBTS, Sideshow, and maybe a few other online retailers.

      Sometimes the figures ThreeA sells from Bambaland have an exclusive "something" not available at regular online retailers, be it an extra piece or an exclusive colorway. For example, Metal Gear Rex and Ray both included a figurine not in the retail releases, while the Halo figures had an exclusive colorway.

      They announce pre-orders anywhere from a few days to a month in advance, and sometimes have surprise drops. The best place to keep up with any news is the World of ThreeA blog and their Facebook.

      It's possible they could do some Bambaland exclusives of the 2000AD figures because you never know what ThreeA is going to do. That said, I would definitely love a 6" Dredd from them, along with a Lawmaster.

  4. Taruan

    Well it seems all my toy budget is going to be directed towards 6" 2000AD figures now. Thankfully I already have the 6" Mongrol so my collection has already begun.

  5. Mysterious Stranger

    I know a guy that works in props on TV shows here in L.A. and he knows one of the guys on The Goldbergs. He says their prop room with all the toys is just INSANE.

  6. Aliens Isolation is supposed to come out for the 360 and PS3 as well as the new systems.

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