Pic of the Day > Masters of the Universe Classics – Plundor by Ed Speir IV

Masters of the Universe Classics - Plundor

Masters of the Universe Classics – Plundor by Ed Speir IV

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  1. Bigbot

    I'm glad this guy was in the main sub over Strong-Or. I hated the idea of Plundor being made originally, but once I had him in hand I just couldn't resist liking him. He just looks like he'll wreck your shit.

  2. Harrig

    I'd like to see what he does to Quiky!

    I can appreciate that some like him, but I feel he should have been in a mini sub at the very least.

  3. “Silly wabbit, Trixare for… No! No! Put it down! Wag…wah…Uuuuaaaaagh!”

  4. Dark Angel

    …ok, that right there is funny as you-know-what.

    …but the figure still ridiculous, and an insult to subbers.

    • AmericanHyena

      *shrugs* I subbed and I love him.

    • ridureyu

      I used to think that Plundor was a bad idea, but then I saw how many fans absolutely, seriously love the figure. So even though it's not to my tastes, I acknowledge that it is a great contribution to the line. Compare it to, say, Vykron, the Star Sisters, The Fighting Foe Men, or Mighty Spector, when it comes to customer responses.

      Or hey, why not QC nightmares like Green Goddess and Snout Spout?

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