Production to start on a new Masters of the Universe movie in 2014?


That’s what Devon Franklin, Senior Vice President of Production for Columbia Tristar, said on Instagram (link).

Any Masters of the Universe fans out there!? Mattel just sent me this vintage Castle Grayskull! Takes me back to my childhood! I’m working on bringing the new He-Man movie to the screen. We start production this year! #mastersoftheuniverse #heman #ihavethepower

Is there any chance this movie could be good? Rob Bricken, formerly of Topless Robot and now of io9, wrote an extensive analysis of why that would be impossible – see Why There Should Never, Ever Be a He-Man Movie – and I have to agree with most of his points. I think he’s wrong that today’s kids wouldn’t like the cartoon show – my friend’s 5-year-old and 3-year-old were addicted to it for months on Netflix. But I have no idea how that would play out with a movie. Maybe it could work if done as a CGI movie in the vein of How to Train Your Dragon…but I doubt it. And that certainly doesn’t seem to be the direction Mattel/Columbia Tristar is going.

(Thanks to He-Man World and @motuclassics for the heads-up.)


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  1. Dark Angel

    The only people that have demonstrated an ability to deliver successful live-action adaptations of this kind of thing have been the Marvel Studios group, Chris Nolan, Sam Raimi and…sorry to have to say it…Michael Bay (I said "successful", not "good"). I don't know how a MOTU movie will play out, but I know this: It will be abysmally stupid.

  2. lol, oh i agree with you on that stutf. i dont think they would be that crazy as to have him yelling thunderpunch or people jumping on screen yelling their names

    if this gets made i am really expecting more like marvel's thor movie and not the straight to dvd scifi channel "almighty thor"

    i'm ok with keeping the prince adam concept. he could be a warrior prince that finds/receives a/the magical sword… and it gives him the powers of the legendary warrior heman

  3. dayraven

    there's nothing wrong with some fun nods to silliness, and dolph as randor would be friggin excellent… what i mean by taking it seriously is, for example, no uwe boll. no page boy haircut… in fact, we could drop the prince adam character entirely and make a great movie. you also have to avoid the mortal kombat annihilation trp of having characters leap in from off camera and someone shouting their name, only for them to die/disappear almost immediately… we don't need he-man to yell "thunder punch!" when he hits someone with a thunder punch… that kind of stuff. it makes a huge difference in how we receive the art being presented, and for example, in both myp and filmation, because it was branding the toys we were expected to buy, there was a lot of time spent identifying the new character so that we'd know who to ask mom to buy for us… no need to do that in a film. it's why the marvel sequels are so much more fun that 1st episodes, cuz thor doesn't have to walk through asgard calling all of his friends by name so we know who they are.

  4. seriously if red skull and thor can work and succeed in movies, heman can totally work

    look at all the obscure stuff they put in all these fantasy and mythology movies coming out pretty much constantly…
    also 80s stuff is becoming so niche and "cool for being uncool" i think a lot of people would go see it

    i would love for a heman movie
    rofl imagien if they cast arnold Schwarzenegger as randor? holy balls

  5. Dayraven

    With the success of the big comic movies in the last few years, my guess is, interest is as high as it will ever be for a motu movie. So, if a movie will be made, I suspect the next two or three years will be the window. It the movie isn't do e by 2016, I think it won't happen at all.

    That said, I think as Bricken does, it won't work. Hollywood doesn't think you can tell a good story with animation, but he-man is too cheesy for live action. You could go camp, intentionally, but camp requires great skill to pull off well. An earnest live action he-man would be impossible to sell. Animation is the only way, if they were interested in telling a whole new, mature, well written he-man tale, and they just simply won't tell that kind of story. I do think it's entirely possible to tell a good, well written he-man story… And I think writing something more mature than the MYP or filmation cartoons still leaves lots of room before it becomes heavy metal. Fire and ice was great proof of that.

  6. You just know it’s gonna star Seth Rogen.

    With Johnny Depp as Orko.

  7. The_Fun_has_been_Doubled

    I hope this isn't taken as being negative, but I wouldn't get excited until the Trailer. This movie has been in Development Hell for how long?

    I mean, it's Cool that we're getting some news, but All we ever hear is talks about this, talks about that, but nothing concrete.

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