Funko says Legacy QC issues will be addressed

Just an update on my earlier post regarding the quality control issues on Funko’s Game of Thrones Legacy Collection: in a comment, Funko’s Shawndra Illingworth wrote,

Funko has been made aware of these QC issues and our factory has been informed of what changes need to be made on future waves of Legacy. Thanks so much!

Great news, provided politely and in a timely fashion on a blog that didn’t even contact them directly about it. That’s great collector relations. And while I won’t be collecting the Game of Thrones line myself, I can’t wait to see their Firefly line in the fall. Hopefully we’ll see some prototype photos during Toy Fair.


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  1. dayraven

    you mean they didn't hit you with a "we gave you toys with an explodo feature, but you didn't support the line, so we removed the explodo-feature, message received… who does that?" how droll.

    • Bigbot

      "…who does that?"

      I really hope this never goes away. I always chuckle when I read someone using it.

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