My S.H.MonsterArts Alien Warrior review is up at CollectionDX


This has to be one of the busiest weekends ever for PGPoA. Usually I take weekends off. And I even skipped some news, like the new Jetfire and Unnamed One leaks.

Anyway, my review of the S.H.MonsterArts Alien Warrior from Alien vs. Predator has been posted on CollectionDX. (The reason it’s up over there is because it was a sample provided by Bluefin via my CDX connections, and part of my agreement with CDX is that any samples I get from their connections I review over there.)

Short version: great sculpt, fantastic articulation, joints are a little loose, figure is a tad on the small side, possibly my favorite Alien toy of all time.


MAFEX 6″ Star Wars?


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  1. looking good, great review
    i will stick with the neca line for my aliens… but i would gladly accept the monsterarts as a gift, lol

  2. Tristan

    I wonder if that model you mention at the beginning was one of the early plastic WH40K Tyranid Warriors? Unpainted beige plastic, needed to be glued together, and the timeframe sounds about right.

    If so, kid you got the wrong impression; the old Tyranid Warriors are wonderfully goofy and totally awesome.

    Albeit a poor gift for someone who isn't expecting a model kit.

    • Poe

      No, it was definitely an actual xenomorph from Aliens. Which is why it’s weird I can’t find it…

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