PGPoA is going on indefinite hiatus


After six years, I’ve decided to take an extended break from running Poe Ghostal’s Points of Articulation.

I’ve been considering this for years now. I could provide a long list of reasons – or perhaps more accurately, excuses. But really it all comes down to two: interest and time.

First and most important, I just don’t have the same enthusiasm for working on the site that I once had. Over time, it’s evolved from being a way to enjoy my favorite toys to a bit of a chore. I still love action figures, but keeping up a daily blog isn’t the way I want to interact with the hobby anymore.

The second reason is the site, while often a source of pride and fun, has often prevented me from working on other projects. Over the years, my time has been increasingly taken up with my professional and family lives (as some of you may know, there is a little Ghostal coming in late May), and what little time and energy I have for creative pursuits is usually spent on this site. But I have other projects – dreams – I want to pursue. To do that, I need to step away from PGPoA.

To be clear, I’m only putting the site on hiatus – I’m not going anywhere. I’ll still be interacting with the collector community on social media, and I may write the occasional review for CollectionDX and contribute articles to magazines like Cool and Collected and littleplasticmen.

One of those aforementioned dreams is to contribute to a toy line, perhaps writing some of the bios or backstory fiction. I’ve had some discussions in that regard with a few different parties over the years, and though none of them have panned out yet, I remain hopeful. If one ever does, I may just have to fire up this blog again to get the word out.

And it’s always possible that after a while – or after I’ve made a good faith effort on my other projects – I’ll find myself rejuvenated and want to return to PGPoA (or perhaps reshape it into something new).

PGPoA will remain right here for the foreseeable future, thanks to the good people at CollectionDX. There are even a few last Toy Aisle Trolls that will run under this post over the next few weeks. I’d like to finish by thanking all the people who have helped with or contributed to the site over the years: OB1, Red Kryptonite, Doc Thomas, Nemo-Eight, JoshB of CollectionDX, Paul Vincent, Ridureyu, Googum, Venenor, PrfktTear, Monte, Fengschwing, all the great people who have contributed photos to Pic of the Day, my family and of course, the love of my life, Dr. Mrs. Ghostal.


Pic of the Day > The Bitter Winter by nobudius_5192


Poe’s Point > Target Destroyed


  1. Poe is killin teh lien!

  2. Luis

    Wow im going to miss you Poe, I have been going to your site for a long time now. congratz on the baby and im looking forward to your return.

    good luck to you.

  3. dayraven

    As one of the folks who have tried to talk you down in the past, I can tell this time us serious. So with that established, congratulations on the impending mini ghostal and thank you for the many years of hosting my cantankerous old ass. You have entertained, engaged, confronted, commiserated, and teased me and it’s been a blast. Your site has been professional and polished since day one and always a smart blog. I will miss you. Take care of the little one and vigorously thank dr mrs ghostal for sharing you as patiently as she has the last few years. If/when you get back to the blog I’ll be waiting.

  4. This is sad news indeed, but I totally get it.

    Prior to doing my own stuff, the only sites I've ever read, with any degree of consistency over the years, have been yourself and Michael Crawford's Toy Review. I've genuinely always thought of you as one of the big guns in Toy Industry commentary, with a strong degree of credibility and an impressive resume, who was always an interesting read. It was an absolute honour to even write guest reviews for you.

    All the best with your future projects (and Baby Poe), and I dare say this is not the last we'll hear of the great Poe Ghostal! Please leave the site up, though, otherwise I'll lose too many links on my own site!! Hah. (You do what you like)

    always yr pal,


  5. Thommy/Uki

    Sad news, but congrats on all your accomplishments and future plans. Enjoy your baby; don’t let any moments slip by uncherished , my friend. You have provided a fantastic place to visit, and I thank you. Good luck, God bless, and may the Force be with you. Good journey!

  6. John

    Best wishes – I'll miss my dose of Poe, but the needs of the family outweigh the needs of the blog!

  7. Mario

    T'was a good "first" run, Poe. Thanks for everything, & good luck with your new pursuits.

  8. There should be a Johnny Carson leaving the Tonight Show style thing here. We need Bette Midler.

  9. NoisyDvL5

    Thank you for everything, Poe.

  10. jackstatic

    Best of luck with everything! Nothing lats forever but goodbyes don't mean the end.

  11. We will miss your work soooo much!

    Really, I wouldn’t have done any of my work if not for your awesome example.

  12. nerdbot

    Adding another voice to the chorus: This is, on one hand, sad news. This is one of the few sites I hit daily – not just for news (that stuff we can get elsewhere), but for your thoughts and perspective on things toy- and geek-related.

    But it's also happy news, as your reasons for stepping away for a while are very good ones.

    Best of luck in all future endeavors!

  13. Sorry to hear this Poe, but I completely understand, being a parent of two with a professional career as well as a creative sideline "dream".

    You've done great work here – providing one of the most level headed collector sites around for a long while now.

    Good luck – see you on the other forums and sites!

  14. LBD_Nytetrayn

    That's too bad, as this is the one toy site I tend to view regularly, but I do understand. I just wish there would be a good way to know when updates begin again!

  15. Misterbigbo

    Thanks for giving me a place to pop off ridiculous comments about toys with other grown-ups!

  16. Mark

    Sorry to hear Poe, but I am glad it will allow you to fulfil other projects and dreams.
    I have truly enjoyed your reviews over the years and the interaction with other member on this site.
    Good luck.

  17. 3B_

    The little ghostal will certainly be a game changer. My little one is already five and a half months old and I haven't blogged since August, so…

    Anyway, I wish you all the best with your new projects and the baby!

  18. Boo! Just boo!

    Now who’s going to argue with Phil from battlegrip?

    Seriously, good luck in all your future endeavors…it’s truly the end of an era!

    Good luck to the Ghostal family. She’s gonna make yours a better, brighter world.

    Thanks, Poe!

    • Kevin

      I do love Poe's arguments with Phil, especially being a regular reader of both blogs.

  19. I can totally understand this decision, it is something that has come up time and time again for myself over the last few years. But for some reason I must be a gluten for punishment. So I admire your decision and wish you the best with time stepping away. Talk to you around the interwebs when you are there.

    • Thank you, sir! I can say that the first time I considered this was all the way back in spring 2011 or so, so I went through a constant back-and-forth for quite a while as well. Finally, though, I realized I was just done, at least for the time being.

  20. Sad to hear this, but I can certainly sympathize. Your site has always been my "go to" resource for action figure news, so I guess I'll have to find another pusher. 😉

    Congratulations as you enter the new phase in your life — parenthood is a full-time job in itself (but totally worth it!).

    • Thanks!

      For toy news I usually hit up a lot of different sites via Feedly (since Google Reader closed), but Toy News International, ToyArk and Action Figure Fury are pretty good for all-around action figure news. Most of the other sites I follow are more specific to a brand or two.

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